Ad: Clark Performance Fabrication Differential Lockdown Bracket

Mar 14, 2017
Minot, ND
Hey everybody! Small brackets should be in stock by the end of the week and large brackets are in stock and have been shipping in under 24 hours. I should also have tee shirts and decals in by next week and on the website. The online ordering process has been flawless thus far and has expedited orders for sure. I’m testing my brackets to the limit on the shop car now too on the street and track with my PTE 6466. To this day, I have a 0% failure rate and plan to continue this record. Thanks everyone for your continued support as always!


Apr 19, 2017
Note about potential issue with bolts.

Hi Clark, there is a potential issue that may arise over time due to the added layer onto the differ rear cover.

The supplied bolt may work a little loose over time and hard runs due to flexion and thus begine to leak slightly. I thought it was my differential cover plate but it wasn't. After cleaning and tightening bolts again the leak stopped.

Perhaps a copper or crush washer to seal would help counter the issue.

Will add inspection of differential bolts to list of regular maintenance intervals.

I recommend adding a notice to customers about this potential phenomenon in your install instructions and website.