Closed Deck BCP Tuned- MOTIV 900 kit 26 psi


Oct 18, 2016
Member of N5X Enthusiasts, Alexx Kallin posted up this video today:
MOTIV Closed Deck
JE Pistons
Carrillo Rods
MOTIV Port Injection
AEM EMS4 for port injection and boost control
Fuel It! Stage 3 pumps
MOTIV Twin disk

Car made 802whp last spring on the stock engine with the same kit, we are pushing for 900 now once we replace the current HPFP that seems to be having issues holding pressure past 700whp.

Sean Webster

Nov 5, 2016
Boca raton
That will be pretty sweet. So far I've only heard of one built n54 reaching past 900whp and that was with a 6266 and like 46lbs of boost or so. (A guy at a shop I know told me about it being built here in Florida by his cousin a few years true it is, idk. I couldn't find anything on it online).

I wonder what injectors they are using for this car if they are shooting for over 900whp. I know my friend was running out of fuel with the stock 52# ones on his fuel-it port kit when going for over 800whp. I'm also interested in finding out more about the tuning...if they are getting false knock with the closed deck block, wasn't that an issue before?

We need more built motors pushin higher power!
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Nov 2, 2016
Tampa/Orlando, FL
Your going to need at least 1000cc injectors, larger fuel line, and you might need another lpfp if you shoot for more then 850whp on straight e85. I seriously doubt someone made 900whp on a 6266 with our motor. That turbo is too small for 900whp n54
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