Codes after dp fix install

Djordje krstic

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Nov 5, 2016
Chicago, IL
Hey guys so I recently installed the vrsf dp fix and got all the readiness complete with the dial at the 5 o'clock postion. I am getting 3 codes 2c7e, 2c6a, 2c7f. Car runs fine but throwing a ses light with these codes making it incapable of passing emissions. The codes are basically stating that the rear o2 sensors are mixed up. The o2 sensors were never touched, this happened after the dp fix install and driving around to achieve readiness. Any help would be appreciated! I'm getting frustrated!


Nov 2, 2016
Where do you live and why do you feel you need the dpfix to begin with? More people buy it due to poor information and misconceptions than anything else.


Nov 6, 2016
Las Vegas
On my 135i in the past, I had some 42 draft design O2 extenders installed and I never had any issues. At the time, I was running a Dinan S2 tune that came with the car and I never had any CEL and readiness was always set. So I didn't have anything autoclearing any codes. I passed smog 3 years like that being FBO. When I do downpipes on my E90, I'm gonna use the same ones.


Oct 17, 2017
DP fix are not worth the trouble. Ask me how I know. Most states allow you to fail one monitor, so just code out the cat readiness and let the rest to obtain readiness after a few drive cycles.
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