CP-E Atmosphere Big Twins turbo kit


Nov 3, 2016
This kit just took WAY to long to produce. I understand all the "great" work they did\do, but seriously, the time frame was an absolute joke. The power\lag ratio, I can't see being any better then a good single turbo setup. I mean hell, at sea level a 6266 can hit full spool in the early to mid 3krpm range with the right vanos setup. I guess once we see a dyno on this (if that ever happens) we will really know how well it runs. But then as stated, the price that comes into play, and we all know CP-E, so it's going to be so high no one will buy it.
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Jan 17, 2017
This project is like that Gintani one-off DCT swap in the S85B50. One off (just so they show they can do it, but never reach mass production).

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