Custom N52 Turbo build by BPC


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Nov 29, 2016
Raleigh NC
Hello All,

Im sure you have seen this build on another website, but if you havent seen it yet, well here it is. Bimmer Performance Center out of Raleigh, NC started the process to build a prototype kit for the E9x N52 engine.

- Stock N52 with a 6 speed swap ( Yes the car started life as an auto with the GM trans)
- N54 intake swap (And yes, the N54 intake manifold will bolt right up to an N52 head)
- Custom built headers built by Bimmer Performance Center
- Borg Warner 7163 with a vband .85AR exhaust housing
- Stock MSV70 DME (no piggy back) Custom tuning by me
- Custom coldside
- We will be running a BOV on a non vacuum engine ;) (Turbosmart BOV)
- 60lbs injectors & stock fuel system (N52 fuel system runs at 5bar)

Goal is find out what the stock block can handle

Some videos of the engine running with no throttle body and revving the stock block to 8200+RPM with no issues :)

And here is where the build is at



Nov 1, 2016
Bench flash or obd2 tuning? Will this kit be "mass marketed?" I have an 08 Z4 3.0si coupe that I daily. Superchargering seems boring to me.


Nov 4, 2016
Sanford NC
I'll have to come check out the build again. Last time I saw it you had it running with like no TB hooked up or some crazy shit. rofl


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Dec 9, 2016
We sure did :) Valvetronic is an amazing thing. The throttle is only there for safety reasons.


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Dec 9, 2016
Thanks for posting the updated video! :)

We had a few questions come in about the kit and put together a Q&A to help.

Originally Posted by tom.gnade

Are you going to push it to the limit soon? Would love to see that video :)
We are at the limits of pump gas as of right now which was just shy of 450whp due to the compression boost of the motor which was around 14psi.

Originally Posted by GTRZilla

What options will there be for a downpipe. Will there be catted and catless, or just catted?
Also for the final kit. Will we be able to buy parts seperate, like turbo manifold and downpipes alone, or will we have to purchase the whole kit?
if possible can you at least list what's going to be included in a stage 1 or 2 kit, approximately.
The downpipe will have options for catted & catless, but will be sold as OFF ROAD / RACE USE ONLY for liability reasons, so we cannot guarantee it will pass any emission testing of any sort.

Originally Posted by n55jb4

A side question, will this turbo kit make changing VCG and OPG more troublesome or it will not interfere physically with that?
This is hard to say right now, mainly because the manifold design will change drastically and place the turbo in a more user friendly position, probably down low and back near cylinders 5-6, which will make these two services the same as factory. The oil pan gasket would need to be changed when the pan is removed for welding of the return fitting anyways so this shouldn't be too much of a concern. Its still easily accessible.

Originally Posted by JuniorB

It was in your post,but I know now what your target is,sorry to be off topic,maybe making two different tunes?depending on trans? Ya,there may be nessasery to oblong those two holes,but I hear it's the trans to have
We didn't have a target power level in mind, because we couldn't predict what limitations we may run in to. The tunes will definitely be different for Stage 1 / Stage 2, as well as the boost levels which would be dictated by an external boost controller. The factory DME cannot control boost, because there is no dedicated output or mapping in the file for this from the factory. We're looking at the Innovate SG-1 which will have wideband and boost control with failsafes. The Greddy Profec OLED controller is also in talk, because with the add-on MAP pack, you can control the boost curves intricately via software on a laptop plugged in via USB.

Hope this answers some of the questions for you guys. We're working diligently on the drivability tuning on the car and I can say that Dan took it for a ride yesterday and came back with a big smile on his face, as did Bob as a passenger. Something about the number 140 was being mumbled but i couldn't quite make it out....

Let us know if you guys have any questions,

Thanks! -John @ BPC
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