Delphi vs Eldors

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Aug 11, 2017
I can't believe I've been unable to find a thread via Google that frames up the difference. Anyone have a +/- on latest Delphi vs latest Eldors?



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Nov 7, 2016
I believe the Eldor coils will need a dwell change if used on the N54. The dwell table on the N55's has the right settings as they use them stock afaik.
Aug 11, 2017
I believe the Eldor coils will need a dwell change if used on the N54. The dwell table on the N55's has the right settings as they use them stock afaik.
I thought they were spec'd for the N54:

From what I see at FCP Euro's fitment list, it spans N55/N54 and others. Pages of clicking on Google search results I see zero said between Eldor and Delphi. Lots about Bosch originals but we all know that already. It looks like Eldor might have been an interim improvement from original Bosch ... but the Delphi's now used seem to cost less than the Eldor (if one shops). But still ... are they any better for higher HP applications?

I understand they run the Delphi's on the M3/M4 but they run it on just about everything, best as I can tell looking at fitment. Ironically the the Delphi FCP Euro link does not show M3/M4 (F series) fitment ... but if you look at the FCP Euro "kit" for those cars, it uses the same coil set:

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Jan 29, 2018
I just send my delphis back to fcp every oil change :innocent: interesting about the dwell on the eldors.
Dec 6, 2016
Savannah, GA
I've been running delphi coil packs for a year and a half now, same set too currently 700+ hp and haven't had any spark related issues
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Aug 11, 2017
We know Delphi's work. We know Eldor works. I guess no particular testing has been done, at least that anyone is aware of, comparing their capabilities. The only testing/measurement work I've seen for ignition on this platform was done by @V8bait some time back, comparing R8, LS, Lambo, and BMW OEM (of unknown manufacture, given there have been 3 - Bosch, Eldor, Delphi). Superb write-up, but didn't extend to comparos of the 3 OE choices.

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Nov 2, 2016
I tested a handful of used OEM style coils including cheap part store ones, and also tested like new Bosch and delphi, they all performed almost identical although the branded ones seemed to last slightly longer, like maybe a minute, some of the used ones without branding only lasted 20 to 30 seconds when stressed. Is that because they were old or just cheap I dunno. I really doubt eldor will test any different.

Lots of issues with this write up... specifically the "part 2" at least haven't read part 1. For one he is quoting injector mosfet specs and circling injector mosfets on the board, and talking about ignition igbt. He is worried about flyback voltage for the injectors (because that is what kills their mosfets) but he's monitoring the ignition system... that system needs the back voltage to push the primary energy over 300v, so it can get to 30kV+... he even says that happens but states it's too much, which is wrong, it's absolutely needed for the ignition (but not injection). It's why there's a 500V capacitor parallel with all the ignition coil voltage leads already. It's like he confuses or doesn't realize they are isolated systems. I think he's a smart guy but he needs to go over things again imo.
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