Diy flash tune advice

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New Member
Nov 28, 2019
Hi, i am new at flash tune, and need your help guys,

So, my hybrid turbo hot impeller side melted.
I am FBO, wmi, using the jb4 BEF, the problem is the afr map was targeting 13.5 afr... I think that contributed to high EGT.. I was shifting at 5800 rpm to achieve max turbo pressure.(100% wgdc all the time.)(23 psi max to [email protected])
Lowering it to 12.1 afr Will signicantly bring EGT down?
Should i limit wgdc to 85%? Will this help?
Our gas is really crap 86 octanes

The turbo use stock manifold with ps2 turbo dimensions.

[email protected]

700HP Club (N54)
Platinum Vendor
Oct 19, 2016
lower afr to 11-11.3 this will help a ton with EGT and not blowing anything up , also endure ignition timing is below double digits

Twisted Tuning

Platinum Vendor
Oct 25, 2016
New York
Assuming this is an N55 since you mentioned one hybrid turbo. The BEF you were using was targeting 13.5AFR at full load if pretty lean

You legit only have 86oct?

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