Dynamic Auto Werx Turbo Upgrade N54


May 8, 2019
New York
Hey guys, I recently installed the 775rs stage 2+ high flows on my e92 (n54). Got them installed around February 5th, never had any issues with them, they spool and sound very nice, can handle around 25psi safely , and very good for the price in my opinion. $1650 shipped is a steal. I am currently full bolt on, stage 2 lpfp , e50 tune. Still need to get it tuned from pure or wedge not sure yet though. Currently using a hybrid back end flash from Terry at burger motor sport. Also , Shawn is very helpful with anything and has fast shipping. The turbos come with balance sheets as well. In my opinion , they are great turbos if you don’t want to spend much but want to make around 550-600whp. With proper fueling , tune. (I also have inlets and outlets)
Do keep us updated with their performance ... Regarding your tuner, in my opinion, one thing I have noted (not to say this is the absolute truth at all) is that Pure Evil's tunes make the cars running them take off surprisingly quickly as opposed to others I've seen where there is more lag. I think that initial push sometimes makes all the difference but, like I said, this is just my opinion.