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E85 cold start table testing

Discussion in 'N54' started by [email protected], Nov 22, 2016.

  1. CKI@Motiv

    [email protected] Specialist Vendor

    First and foremost, huge shoutout to @jyamona for a very much needed table. Thank you!
    I had the pleasure of testing cold start for E85 and oem DI only. No PI or JB4 tricks. The results were very impressive. My E85 station stays the same year round even though the temps can reach 20*f in the mornings. Its anywhere between 82-87% according to my ECA and others locally testing it. I find 70*f and 70% to be the threshold of a good start anything less than 70*f and anything more than 70% ethanol will cause long starts and in most cases multiple starts. In the 40-50*f range up to 5-6 start attempts. Although my car is usually garage kept ive been leaving it outside to cold soak for true testing. The ambient temps were 32-34*f (disregard my dash temp, idk why it reads warmer until i start driving) coolant temp was high 30's and fuel temp was about the same. I took some videos of the last 2 days of testing. What i came up with will be a great starting point for most. Obviously your region will vary.

    During start AFR's start off around 12.5-12.75:1 and steadily increase to your defined AFR. I use 1 second for cold start duration which mainly controls timing and seems to have little effect on this particular table. This is why there is a small bump in my RPM during start. It does this year round no matter the temperature.

    For winter blends and mixtures in the 70-75%
    Increase both Red and yellow 40%

    For E75-85%
    Use the picture as illustrated below.

    I added 20% everywhere else as it seems to make starting crisper. Since our fuel scalar doesn’t turn active until the DME enters closed loop I think the extra volume during start definitely helps, you can play with this to see what you think. I’m anxious to see if this solves the heat soak failed start attempt in the dead heat of summer.

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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    That is nice, I've seen some cars just turn over and over. Glad we have the wizard Jake on the task!
  3. e30sherm

    e30sherm Private

    '08 135i, 95 318ti M52 swapped
    This is awesome! thank you
  4. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    been waiting for these. have several customers and my car that need this in NY
  5. CKI@Motiv

    [email protected] Specialist Vendor

    @Twisted Tuning Sorry i didnt know i needed to approve vendor replies. I've been doing everything from my phone lately and its tough to see some formats.

    Anyways, I believe Jake was just looking for confirmation on if its all that we needed along with finding it in 4 other Rom versions. I honestly cant tell you how nice it is to crank your car up without looking like an idiot because it turned 60*F.

    My thought behind it all is i based it off my fuel scalar percentage wise plus some. Anyone that runs more than 60% ethanol knows how much more volume is required based off Tmap temps. I've seen cases of requiring +6%, thats only here in Savannah. I cant imagine what colder midwest and northeast requires. So id start at a minimum of 40-50% and then add as required. You'll need a good cold soak since this is based off coolant temp so i would say a minimum of 6-8hrs outside.

    I'll be in Boston from the Dec 16th- Jan 2nd. So if anyone (IJEOS) wants to try it in more extremes LMK. @bostonbeemah, @Torgus

    Heres what i currently have

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  6. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Not to get off topic, let me butt in just real quick, Chris, the moderation system is new. No vendors may reply to your thread unless you approve the post. If you'd like to whitelist vendors to bypass this setting, you may do that. You can also blacklist members who are not vendors and funnel them through the moderation system as well. Please see this thread: https://www.spoolstreet.com/forums/threads/thread-response-shield.679/

    Now, back to the regular scheduled programming :)
  7. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    Thanks Chris. Yea I guess I'll just wait till he releases to the public. Its been 30-50 degrees here already lol