E87 N54, questions thread. (Builds)


Apr 8, 2019
I won't say much but thought I'd open this thread Incase others wish to do a E87 - N54 build also.

There are threads around the web with people that have done this build and have helped a lot with information but.. no doubt will be others like me that was Keen to find additional answers and couldn't find a place to ask. Hopefully this will help find more info related to this build for others.

I have specifically done my build with a 2007 E87 120i which started with the N46 engine.
And used most parts off my old E82 N54 in my build.

Parts off the top of my head I to keep in mind.

Headlight brackets must be off the E82 due to N54 being longer.
The front main crash bar also needs to be off the e82 also due to the larger N54 engine.

E82 rear subframe or at least the rear brakes, halfshafts and discs I believe.
E82 diff
E82 springs and shocks
E82 driveshaft
E82 engine mounts
E82 ebox fan
E82 fuel pump and regulator
E82 EKP module
E82 DME from N54
E82 CAS unit.
E82 key fobs
E82 full exhaust (had to shorten at rear section)

There will be wiring differences between models no doubt.

My E87 never had idrive, IBS, ebox fan, sunroof, heated seats, paddles there are others that I had to add into the loom from the E82s loom no doubt.

I was lucky to have both complete cars. One crashed and the other bought cheap for the chassis. I think this is best to have everything to use.

I'll be happy to help in anyway I can if someone has a question.
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