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E9X E92 335xi Build

Discussion in '3 and 4-Series' started by [email protected]!, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    IMG_4732.JPG IMG_5163.JPG IMG_4721.JPG IMG_4780.JPG IMG_5001.JPG IMG_4994.JPG IMG_5152.JPG Hey guys, short write-up on my 2nd 335xi :)
    (Link to my first xi #rip : 607AWHP/618AWTQ: TFT Inlets + RB Turbos + BQ/Wedge Tuning - N54Tech.com - Your Source for International Turbo BMW Racing Discussion)

    I don't really have any specific power goals with this setup, but I do enjoy the 1/4 mile drag strip. The initial goal when I started modding my last xi over 2 years ago was to crack 10s, I guess you could say that still is in the back of my mind ;)

    Thanks for checking it out, and I'll be posting some 93 octane dyno #s over the weekend, and possibly hitting the track.

    Mod list:
    Pure Stage 2 Turbos
    TFT Inlet System
    Fueling by: *******
    Exhaust: HPF
    Suspension: kw v3
    AD-E FMIC + engine mounts
    17in APEX Arc 8s
  2. frontside0815

    frontside0815 Specialist

    How do you like the Engine Mounts?
  3. What octane was the 607awhp log on?

    Seriously impressed with those numbers!

  4. Interested in knowing what your tire setup was on the arc8s assuming you went 17×8.5 et40
  5. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Hey- the arc 8s are 17x9 et30

    Haven't picked a tire yet, won't be anything crazy- 245 or 255/40, I know some xi guys have complained about traction, but I personally never have had any issues
  6. Are you still using the stock transmission? and are you using the stock transfer case?
  7. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Hey Derek-

    Yes, stock auto trans & t-case. I know 1.5 years ago when I was really trying to find some upgrade options for the xi front diff, & t-case, but never was able to find anything.
  8. How does the stock hardware handle that much power?
  9. And you fit those under the front with no cutting?
    i'm just trying to pick some information because i am seriously interested in those wheels but i was convinced the front wouldn't clear a 9" wide wheel. i would love to run 265 square but i don't want to order the wheel/ tire combo and be out 2g because of fitment issues. i figured 8.5 et40 with a 245 would be safest. possibly a 255. if you didn't have traction issues on your last car with a 245 then i guess that's all i would need since i will never touch 600awhp
  10. KeeganO

    KeeganO New Member

    Ever get a chance to run on the dyno? I'm full bolt on with rr550s running a 93 tune so curious where you're at. Waiting to get a lpfp and port injection from you guys to run full e85.
  11. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Nothing extensive- I loaded up a slightly modified 93 map from my old setup it was about 478 awhp. I am sure with more time on the dyno, and tweaking 500 or so awhp could be had pretty easily on 93.
  12. KeeganO

    KeeganO New Member

    Nice. I have a base map running around 19-21psi car feels smooth but If I had to guess I'd say I'm only around 450rwhp, can't do much tweaking either as my lpfp is dropping out over 6k rpms. I'm going to try to get a dyno of the 93 map and e85 after I have that all situated to compare the two.
  13. ******* truly is the answer for that.. Awesome service, awesome products.
  14. Any updates on this car?
  15. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Hey- nothing immediate. It's super cold here.

    Anything you guys want to see? I'd be happy to strap the car down and do a few pulls....
  16. That would be sweet. Honestly I'm in for final wheel specs. I was dead set on 17×8.5 et40 then I reread here and looked into the 17×9 et30 and saw that they're almost 3/4lb lighter. I want the lightest I can get but I don't want to have to modify any part of the car just to fit them. Plus everyone knows more offset looks better. same car, e92 335xi, on kW lowered with about 1.5° camber. I'm willing to change that haha. Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks for documenting this build.
  17. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    I can mount the rims/tires over the next few days and I can throw up a few pictures. No modification to the fenders will be needed :)
  18. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    Didn't realize I didn't post the dyno on 93.

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  19. Depending on 93 octane or E85 what boost do you target?
  20. Dave@Fuel-It!

    [email protected]! Corporal Vendor

    21 psi with about 2-3* timing

    93 octane

    This was a pretty basic map, I only did a handful of dyno pulls. I personally think there's a bit more in it on 93, but Steve & I will be dialing the car in on 100% e85 shortly.