e92, e93 door pull impossible to find???


Apr 19, 2017
Ok... I feel like I am taking crazy pills. I cannot find with absolute certainty the passenger right side door pull for the e93 or e92. Not the door pull cover, the actual POS door pull with the peeling, melting plastic film coating over time.

You can find a shitload of e90, e91 door pulls but none for e92 or e93. And some listings say the 90,91,92,93 are compatible, but the same number of sites warn that they are NOT compatible.

It should not be this hard to find a commonly damaged part. Respectable sites like FCP, ECS, TURNER all warn that they are NOT compatible while ghetto eBay listings say they are compatible.

Does anyone know the true part number for the e93 door pull?


Feb 23, 2018
I too have had issues trying to replace the 'soft touch' rubber on my passenger door. Ended up ordering what I thought was the handle and ended up with the E90 outer handle part.

Looks like I need to find a Coral Red door panel! :neutral: