Ad: E9X Vader Clip Brack Friday Bunduru

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Oct 19, 2016
Hello everyone,

Those of you who dont already know, MHD has been released for the E chassis N55 powered cars recently after a year and some change of original release date for the N54 powered BMW's. With that being said, why not take full advantage of every feature possible without the compromise of visibility, functionality, and of course convenience... Not only for MHD but also JB4!

How long will this bunduru last?

This black friday sale will only last from 11/23-11/30

What special am I having?

My vader clip kits originally go for $185 shipped, which includes everything you need to get your flashing on, includes Vader clip mount, tablet, otg adapter, and guaranteed to work K+D can cable.

For Black Friday ONLY I will be letting these kits go for $150 shipped which will be including everything and I will also include a FREE ghost cam bin!!!!

Will this work with iDrive?

As of right now....NO.... but I am currently working on a solution and will be releasing pricing and details later by mid December
Many iDrive owners have bought my kit and mounted the vader clip to the side towards the passenger, some modified the bracket and some did not. Your decision upon purchase.


MHD KIT: $180.00 NOW $150 including ghost cam
Android Tablet
obd2 cable
otg adapter

JB4 Kit: $140.00 NOW $120 including ghost cam
Android Tablet
otg adapter

N52 Kit: $145.00 NOW $110
Android Tablet
Bluetooth obd2

Custom E9X Vader-Clip $65 NOW $45 (let me know what tablet you need it for)

How soon will you be shipping these out?

Hard to say , these kits are made to order and with the holidays being are the corner delays are expected.
Once order is placed and you would like to cancel because of delays are longer than expected I will be more than happy to refund your money back but will charge a %15 fee..i will try my hardest so it won't come this point though, my goal is to keep everyone satisfied

Send me an email at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or interest of purchase . No returns for custom clip. Thank you!

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Oct 18, 2016
A lot of those use some wireless bluetooth dongles connected to a controller connected to some other shit. Hopefully there is a cleaner solution? I have an 09 with the newer iDrive, I'd be interested in a bunduru for that