G2X Engines for the 2019 3 Series

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    This list may change, but you get a pretty good idea. The 32X and 33X models will have 4 cylinder engines. Below that is 3 cylinder and only the M340 models get the 3.0L 6 cylinder twin turbo motors. And if this chart is accurate, those cars will only be available in xDrive, at least initially.
    316d136 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed automaticRWD
    318d163 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
    320d204 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
    325d238 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
    330d265 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
    M340d320-340 hp8-speed autoxDrive
    325e iPerformance230 hp8-speedxDrive
    330e iPerformance265 hp8-speedxDrive
    318i150 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
    320i204 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
    320i Efficient Dynamics170 hp6-speed manual, 8-speed autoRWD
    330i265 hp8-speed autoRWD/xDrive
    M340i380 hp8-speed autoxDrive
  2. I hope they offer a RWD version of the M340i, that's the one I have my eye on but I don't want Xdrive.
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    2009 E93 335i
    My thoughts exactly. I can't imagine that they wouldn't offer it in RWD to be honest. Actually, I can, but I think it would be a big mistake.