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EOS | Port Injection Fuel Kit - GROUP BUY

Discussion in 'N54' started by Jamesbuk, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Jamesbuk

    Jamesbuk Private


    As I'm sure most are aware, there is currently a group buy open for the Sharp Customs sheet metal inlet manifold to suit the N54, however, given the nature of it and the business they are in, Sharp are only selling the manifold, fuel rail and hardware/gaskets. Thus, leaving the purchaser to find an alternative supplier for the injectors, fuel line and associated fuel fittings etc.

    - The testing and development thread of said manifold can be found here: Click me

    - The Group Buy thread can be found here: Click me

    The development thread linked above, details the fittings and components required and even lists the part numbers and the supplier(hats off to @Snelson3003 for all of this btw!), but Evolution of Speed (who also produce their own complete kit - Click me) have also stepped up and suggested they can put together a fuel kit customized to suit Sharps manifold!!

    So to cut to the chase, this thread is intended to help gauge interest and potentially negotiate a group buy deal on a tailored kit similar to their current offering:N54 Intake Manifold Fueling Kit

    The technical info and details on the manifold and potential fuel kit have intentionally been left out of this initial post, but hopefully @EOSpeed will chime in and answer any questions relating to the fuel kit.

    FYI, I'm not affiliated with any of the vendors/users selling these items, just another guy chucking money at a car aha, and apologies in advance for anything I've missed!

    Ill get the list started:

    - @Jamesbuk x2 - 52lb/hr injectors
    - @Jburner82 x1 - 72lb/hr injectors
    - @Yeezus335i x1 - 52lb/hr injectors
    - @screaminfast x1

    Total: 5

    **** UPDATE **** - 27/02/2017

    Apologies, i have been busy lately, but following a conversation with @EOSpeed the pricing structure for this "kit" will be as follows:

    Minimum 5 people: (5% off retail)
    52lb/hr - $426.55
    72lb/hr - $496.55 ($70 upgrade over the 52lb/hr injectors)

    Minimum 10 people: (10% off retail)
    52lb/hr - $404.10
    72lb/hr - $474.10 ($70 upgrade over the 52lb/hr injectors)

    Minimum of 15 people: 15% off, who knows lol?:D;)... but im sure EOS will price competitively bearing in mind the relatively low mark-up on a kit such as this.

    We are already at 5 and I'm sure we can easily take this to 10+!
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  2. Would this be for just the fuel lines / fittings? Or everything the Sharp manifold doesn't come with? (Injectors, fuel lines, controller/harness)
  3. Essential MotorSports

    Essential MotorSports Private Vendor

    Probably important to know what's included lol
  4. EOSpeed

    EOSpeed Private Vendor

    Right now, the plan was to include the adapters, fittings and fuel lines to tie into the stock fueling. We can also provide 52lb/hr or 72lb/hr matched injectors. If someone wants a controller we could do that too, but honestly better off just getting that on your own.
  5. I'm in for a kit.
  6. europav

    europav New Member

    Can you guys do a group buy for Port injection?
  7. In for a port injection kit. Group buy would be awesome.
  8. screaminfast

    screaminfast Specialist

    Rochester, NY
    07 SG/CR 335i 6MT
    I'm interested too. So all we'd need is this kit plus say the JB4 controller and be done?

    I was looking at the ******* upgraded fuel line too.
  9. If this kit is only fuel lines then you will need injectors as well. But if it comes with injectors then yes, just a JB4 controller and this kit.
  10. Jamesbuk

    Jamesbuk Private

    My hope was for EOS to supply a kit with everything necessary on the fueling side compatible with Sharps manifold.
    Obviously in addition to that, a PI controller would be required i.e. BMS PI, SS AIC etc but that would be down to the end users requirement, but lets leave the "which one is better" for another thread, namely this one: Click Me

    I think given the reasons behind starting the group buy (to go hand in hand with the Sharp Customs manifold), it would definitely need to include the injectors, but perhaps you could offer the 72lb/hr injectors as an option?

    I agree on the controller side of things that it makes more sense to let the user source the controller as there are various options and configurations (and probably a lot more to come...)

    That's only my opinion though, I'm sure others will have different views....

    Updated the list!

    Probably best to PM EOS or visit www.eospeed.com

    Added you to the list!

    I've added you to the list too. Yes exactly that; Sharps manifold, EOS PI fuel kit (fingers crosses!) plus your desired controller and you are good to go! Basically what @Xshadows said!
  11. EOSpeed

    EOSpeed Private Vendor

    We already have a great price on the N54 port injection spacer, if that is what you are after.
  12. Jamesbuk

    Jamesbuk Private

  13. I would like the 72lb/hr injectors with my kit.
  14. Jamesbuk

    Jamesbuk Private

    First post updated!!

    What about you guys? @Yeezus335i @screaminfast
  15. Book me in for the 52lb kit.
  16. 2jzn54

    2jzn54 Lurker

    what about hardware only? (no injectors) @Jamesbuk
  17. Jamesbuk

    Jamesbuk Private

    Thanks bro! Updated the list!

    I'm sure @EOSpeed will only be too happy to give a price for hardware only....
  18. 2jzn54

    2jzn54 Lurker

    well let me know!
  19. Bump, any new info as manifold are to be shipped next week?
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Think you guys need one more for the discount?