Technical Error Codes 2FA3 and 2A18


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Nov 19, 2018
Just installed PR stage 2 walbro lpfp and bimmerlife R8 coils along with stage 2+ flash from MHD. My car is a 1M with FBO. When I went out for a test drive, the car pulls good but these two codes showed up:

2FA3: Coding Missing?
2A18: DMTL diagnosis module tank leakage, heating: input signal

Please help me understand these two codes!



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Nov 8, 2016
Bay Area - California
I can't help much about 2A18 but 2FA3 should go away after flashing again. It won't effect the performance or anything. Reflash a map and that one should go away.


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Nov 19, 2018
Turns out, 2A18 is for DMTL, a module that physically doesnt exist in my car. It is a module unique to the USDM while my car is a Chinese-spec 1M. Somehow the codes for DMTL was activated when I flashed my car. Per instruction form Martial found online somewhere else, I re-flashed my car and this code went away.

However, the 2FA3 code persists... :(

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