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Evap system incomplete

Discussion in 'N54' started by Djordje krstic, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Hey guys quick question. I've been trying to take my car to emissions and my evap system still shows incomplete. I've been trying to achieve full readiness for about 2 days now and nothing. Only code I have is map thermostat: mechanics. No cel or anything. Any suggestions how to get this evap system to "complete" status?? I have a 08 335 btw! And I have a half tank of gas.
  2. Tiago@VRSF

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

    Evap is the last monitor to pass readiness. Just keep driving.
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  3. So, can you explain just because I'm confused how would driving more help?
  4. veer90

    veer90 Corporal

    Rye, NY
    e90 335i 6MT
  5. R.G.

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    Make sure you're not clearing codes. It resets it when you do. At least it does with MHD. Tested it today, evap showed ready, cleared and incomplete.
  6. ^ Yes, MHD will definitely clear this out. Personally witnessed it, at first I thought I did something else after I cleared and checked the status but then I realized what all was reset XD