Fabbed some vacuum canisters. . .

Discussion in 'BMW General' started by N54gasm, Mar 30, 2017.

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    Nice work looks great!
  2. For many people the car will run fine on 1 vacuum canister, if you delete them both you can run out of vac source on high boost setups on long pulls, and it will make boost control a little less smooth. Tony has seen this on the dyno. As far as 2 solenoids vs 1, likely just for margin (same same). I like 'em!
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    Looks great!
  4. So you can just do this on stock turbos with no other modification?
  5. Twisted Tuning

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    yes, i've been running my car on no vac canisters and only one boost solenoid for a long time now. :blush:
  6. Sweet! I knew i saw this somewhere and i was looking for it when my friend broke one of the nipples off on his boost solenoid. Couldnt find it so we just super glued the nipple back on lol. Ill send it to him and see if he wants to try it. I may do it to my car. What do you do with the wire on the solenoid youre not using?
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    I just left it unplugged and removed the solenoid. But there are some flash changes that need to be made. If you don't want the check engine light on.