Video Found & Installed the Perfect 2-Post Lift in my Home Garage!


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Aug 1, 2017
As I continue to work on my BMWs, I find myself constantly adding things to the garage to optimize my work space. Since buying the house four years ago, I transformed the 750 sq/ft garage into my ultimate hangout space. In my mind, the only thing missing was a lift. Until I found out about the MaxJax lift system. I have no affiliation with MaxJax, but everything about this lift as been great so far and I want to share my experience.


I had a tough time finding a 2-post lift that would fit in my garage with 8 ft. 7 in. (105″) garage ceilings. All of the 2-post options I found had a minimum column height of 9 ft. or 10 ft., which wouldn’t fit without modifying the ceiling. I didn’t want a scissor lift or a 4-post lift. Then I found the the MaxJax, which has short, portable columns.

In its highest position, the hydraulic cylinders rise up to 89″ with a lift height of 45″ (or 48″ with 3″ adapters)! This allows plenty of clearance between the columns and the ceiling, while offering 4 ft. of working space under the car. The only limitation is the height of whatever vehicle goes on the lift.


I also have a more detailed write-up on my blog that explains the most efficient installation process, with links to all of the tools and accessories that you'll need. Read it here:

Standard MaxJax Features
  • Low ceiling height friendly
  • Regular 110v electrical plug (no 220v required)
  • 6,000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Semi-portable lift columns
  • Adjustable base-plate width
  • 4″ minimum concrete required


Installation Guide & Video

The included installation guide is pretty comprehensive, but I made an in-depth video showing you how to install the lift in your home garage. I also demonstrate how to route the hoses off the ground to keep the mobile power cart out of the way.

4″ of good concrete is required to install this lift. I used the standard anchors that are included with the kit, but some people prefer the epoxy anchors instead. I mounted the columns 125″ apart from each other, measured from the inside edge. This width has allowed me to lift multiple vehicles with various jacking points.



This adjustable creeper is perfect for working under the MaxJax, since it doesn’t lift high enough for you to stand under it. This short oil drain tank comes in very handy when changing oil or other fluids. I’ve used these short tripod stands when doing suspension work or to help support the car. It is the perfect lift for the at-home DIYer.


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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