FTP Motorsports Hot Side Chargepipe // Turbo outlet.

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Nov 19, 2016
Houston, TX
Just a quick one covering the install of the FTP Motorsports Hot Side Chargepipe, or turbo outlet that goes between the turbo and the intercooler.

The factory part is hugely restrictive at the turbo outlet, and opens up a bit before dumping into an accordion tube.

The FTP pipe is impressively precise in its fit, especially considering it as $180 shipped coming from Taiwan in 2 days.

Factory on top, FTP on bottom:


Factory on left, FTP on right:


Factory clamps and lip seals swapped over to the FTP flanges:


With both pipes clicked into their respective ends an the silicone coupler backed up onto the longer pipe we can see they line up stunningly perfect to one another, with a small 1/4" gap between the two. I coated the coupler with silicone spray lube before slipping it on so it easily slid down to split the gap and clamped down with the included clamps. The coupler is wide enough that you could use a tbolt clamp on either side if you needed too, but the bead rolled lip is pronounced enough I don't think it would be required.


I didn't notice any butt dyno gains, there is a little more turbo noise to be heard though without a doubt which makes sense. Solid alloy pipe is going to resonate rushing air more than thermo plastic and rubber.

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the factory pipe, which is even more restricted where the inner section of the tube meets the turbo flange. The ID of the tube is way less than the flange, and its mounted off center... and BMW just filled the gap with a plastic ledge. Why BMW would have made it this way is beyond me, the larger unit fits without compromise.

The only parts that needed to be removed for access to carry out the job was the primary engine undertray, and taking the water pump loose. I did not remove the waterpump or open the cooling system, just unbolt it from the engine so I could move it around a little.
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Oct 18, 2016
Very nice! Is this the only outlet option on the market for the N55? Not sure how you can beat this for the price.


Nov 10, 2017
in my experience FTP produces one of the best quality charge pipes. MUCH better fit and finish than the "usual suspects"
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