Fuel System Upgrade


Nov 3, 2016
Aston pa
Over the winter i will be installing my JPWORKZ 6266 kit, VRSF 7.5" intercooler, VRSF 3.5" exhaust, and Docrace intake manifold with port injection looking to be around 700-750whp. The only thing im unsure of at this point is fueling. I will be running full e85 and know i need the fuel-it stage 3 lpfp. Will i need to convert to a full return fuel system at this point or just upgrade the stock line? Also what injectors will be needed for port injection, since the Docrace manifold does not include them.
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Oct 22, 2016
That brings me to my next question, at what point is it necessary? I plan on going for more in the future so I'd rather just do it once if i can.
A return style system is never needed with the stock fuel configuration.

If you are running twin Walbros in the tank and stock intank lines there is no benefit to a return type system. In fact, it is more harmful if you don't know what you're doing.
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