Full oem trans cooler delete, parts available? Parts needed?


Feb 25, 2019
I am looking to completely divorce the factory trans cooler from the car and the current kits available do more of a band aid fix as oppose to complete removal.

I have searched every forum post on the topic it seems like since 2008, and where there are pictures available it simply doesn't cover what id like to do.

My goal;

-Remove the stock cooler completely
-Remove the lines completely to the transmission and use a barbed or AN adapter out of the trans itself to proprietary lines to an aftermarket cooler
-----if unable to find adapter into transmission for lines, cut lines at halfway point and flare the ends for a basic hose connection
-Mount cooler behind kidney grilles
-Block off the factory coolant lines at the block itself and remove them completely

For the block offs, is there a common fitting used on manual swapped cars to remove those coolant lines? Everything else seems like a shot in the dark unless it just hasn't been post about.

I know the fittings exist to plug into the factory lines at the front of the car near the IC/chargepipe, but id prefer to not use the lines to the point and remove some clutter.
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Sep 13, 2017
I made this. I live un EU, so buying a trans fitting adapter from the US is a little cost prohibitive due to added shipping and customs fees, so I cut the transmission rubber line at some point in front of where the fan it goes, and put a barbed 13mm/ AN10 adapter. It seems that it makes a very tight seal.

And for the coolant lines, I buyed a csf radiator for MT, so I didn't have to deal with putting caps on leftover coolant lines.

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