Gold Standard of Weight Reduction - E90 on a Diet


Aug 7, 2018
So the time has come to start weighing the car since round 1 of fab work is now complete! I thought 2700 lbs race weight without a driver was a bold goal when Efab Motorsports and I started down this path of extreme weight reduction. I think it is very possible this is the lightest E90 that exists that's not a tube chassis (not sure if one even exists either). I'm blown away by how much weight we were able to take out!

As of now, the car weighs 2375 lbs!

DISCLAIMER: This isn't the final race weight. The car was weighed in the following configuration, however, everything else that should be on the car is on the car besides what's listed below:

  • Front and rear doors (not gutted with glass)
  • Front windshield
  • Electronics (will be minimal)
  • Front fenders
Still includes:
  • Non-run flat rear tires
  • OEM rear wheels
  • Front and rear crash bars
I really think 2550 lbs race weight is achievable. What's even more crazy is there are still areas where we can cut weight! Can't wait to start racing this car, it's going to haul some ass.




Aug 7, 2018
I mentioned 2550 lbs race weight is achievable and it most definitely is. This is essentially race weight and it's sitting at 2570 lbs. Already got it planned to go back for round 2 of weight reduction next year to get it to 2500 lbs.

Keep in mind this is still a unibody IRS car with factory body panels and a 10 point cage :) .




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Aug 1, 2020
Hey, came across this post as I was browsing the internet for how light these cars can go.
So your weight at 2550 is with the oem steel doors back on? and yours is the n54 with turbo too?

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