Hello all


Jul 26, 2018
Hi All,

Been a member for a while, but just been doing a lot of reading.!!

Im from the UK and have a 2010 e92 n55 335i m-sport, it has 25k miles and is in pretty much as new condition (she was a garage queen).

I've had her a few years and have done a few retrofits.

M3 cluster (coded to 335)
M3 heated interior (car had not heated seats)
M3 rear spoiler
M5 illuminated 6 speed gearknob
M4 4 pot Front calipers with 370 performance drilled discs
2 pot performance rear calipers with performance drilled discs
Rear Sunblind
EPS individual Audio (from base)
TV retrofit
DAB retroft
Split armrest
Rear cupholders
AUX media input
Rear Media/usb input for rear passanger
Combox update (internet/connected etc)
GTO and compas rear view mirror

Mechanically she is pretty OEM.

This one is my 7 the bmw I had a e46 m3 before this one and i also did loads of retrofits on that too.

I have a full bench setup, cas,key, jbbr, kombi, cic,cid,zbe,combox, tv and eps amp, plus connections for other modules, i have m3szl and mfsw switch pack comming.

I'm also developing a canbus so i can run the cic without the bench setup.

I'd like to look at extending its use for things like the n-drive button, shiftlights etc.

Looking forward to joining in with some of the forum threads and thanks to Aus335iguy for the invite.


I'll post some pics up when i can.
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