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Discussion in 'BMW General' started by Arhoads335i, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. Arhoads335i

    Arhoads335i Lurker

    hey guys so I'll be moving onto the next BMW. Dealer near by has a couple nice cars.
    2015 m3 (8,000 miles) 6 speed
    New M2
    Or buy a brand new M240i

    So all of these cars have different engines, now I will be just buying them and not leasing them so in a sense it's a investment. With that in mind the M2 and the M3 seem like a smarter idea. Really want the m3 but I hear terrible story's of the valves smashing into the pistons.
    Also the M2 is sweet but coming from an N54 will I be disappointed?
    The m240i is the cheaper choice but with the new engine looking like a great platform I kinda like it.

    Anyways I attached a pic of the m3 the dealer has, it has the perfect color in my eyes
  2. Euro venom

    Euro venom Specialist Girl Club

    That's a difficult choice. I love that blue and have thought about wrapping my car in it. But the M2 is smaller which I like compared to the M3. Have you test drove an M2 yet?
  3. 335i_lou

    335i_lou Specialist

    Raleigh, NC
    E90 335i, FBO, inlets, outlets
    M3 all day. Ì love having 4 doors and, in my opinion, it looks better.:tonguewink:
  4. Arhoads335i

    Arhoads335i Lurker

    Yeah definitely leaning towards the m3 I just wish a dealer had a manual m240i. I had to test drive an auto convertible which I have to say was a very fun car for it literally being the polar opposite of what I would want
  5. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Hard to go away from the S55 at this point if you have the scratch, they seem to have a bright future.
  6. Abacus38

    Abacus38 Sergeant

    Tampa/Orlando, FL
    2007 Ti Ag 335i
    Just get the m3 the m2 cost just as much and you're stuck with the n55 motor
  7. Dino81

    Dino81 New Member

  8. dyezak

    dyezak Sergeant

    Plano TX
    Long term purchase? You buy the better platform. M3.
  9. JuniorB

    JuniorB Specialist

    BMW e60 5series
    Buying the car is the easy part, it's the maintenance that's cost a fortune!
  10. Arhoads335i

    Arhoads335i Lurker

    Seems I'll be going with the m3! It's a six speed so I'm happy there and also a 5 year warranty!
  11. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    We have an S55 section don't forget to come back and show us :)

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