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Jan 31, 2017
Quite some time ago we saw the need for another TT N54 option , despite the market being quite crowded already. Existing offerings were, in our opinion, either outright sub-par, overpriced for what you were getting in return, or a combination of both. Therefore we decided to design and manufacture what we thought would be the best engineered N54 twins out there, while still coming in at a competitive price point. So after >13 months of plotting, planning, and testing, the time has finally come for us to formally announce some new and hopefully class-leading products to the N54 collective. And what better time for us to do this than on Thanksgiving Day, just in time to be able to offer some killer deals to boot. So without further ado here goes...

- HP650/800 turbos

The centerpiece of our design is its hotside, an investment-cast SS volute with a nozzle area of 6.6cm^2 (35% more than stock, or 10% more than S55) , right in the sweet spot for the TD04-family of turbines. We also opened up the volute radius some 10% over stock to help turn the flow into the turbine, and maintained the separator between the turbine exducer and the wastegate port to reduce turbulence just like the stock design, another example of good attention to detail. We then mated these housings to the best possible manifold design for the N54, the OEM Boysens. Why go with an inferior Chinese casting when we could use a lightweight, hydroformed, double-walled German-made, stainless-steel item instead? One with generous internal radii, which offers absolutely ZERO restriction to flow with an N54 head, while still maintaining ideal thermal and spool characteristics. Pretty easy choice really. We then proceeded to fusion weld the Boysen manifold to our hotside, just like stock, thereby eliminating the bulk of the clamp, which increases heat rejection area around the turbo lines with little real benefit as far as serviceability goes. Finally, rounding off the hotside is a genuine MHI 12-bladed turbine wheel, TD04L in the case of the HP650 and TD04HL in the case of the HP800.


turbo weld.JPG


As for the compressor side of things, The HP650s come equipped with 6+6 blade billet wheels optimized for <24psi operation while still being capable of a combined 61lb/min of flow, whereas the HP800s come with 7+7 blade billet compressors optimized for efficient high pressure ratio operation while still maintaining wide map width for surge protection, and are capable of a combined 74lb/min of flow. Both come nestled in native TD04-frame compressor covers, with properly matched diffuser radii and volute areas, as TD03-style covers are simply smaller than ideal. Finally, both will have anodized blue compressor wheels for some added bling, and because why not.

As for performance, the HP650s are aimed at those seeking a close to stock time to torque or "punch" , and will give up approximately 300rpm of boost threshold compared to stock, while making peak power at approximately 7000rpm on your typical N54, for a much wider overall powerband than stock. I feel that the HP650s are what the N54 should have left the factory with, and are ideally suited to those who track their cars, or those who wish to run a gasoline-based fuel and have no interest in revving much past 7250rpm. You can expect to see ~580bhp SAE @ 20.x psi on your typical N54 running 93octane without meth, which is enough for mid-low 6.x 100-200 times, and very high 12x mph traps on your typical full weight 135/335. Greater boost will obviously unlock greater performance, but then more octane/fueling capacity is needed obviously. As for the HP800s, they are aimed more at those looking who have easy access to E85, or those running a good meth setup, who are willing to turn up the wick and don't mind losing a bit of response or give up a further 300-400rpm of boost threshold compared to the HP650s, or those like myself who are looking to add the necessary airflow mods and rev to 8k for the ultimate pump gas N54 experience. Either way, these turbos were designed from the outset to prioritize good whp/psi, because not everyone is able, or willing to run 33psi to go fast...

As for construction, it goes without saying that these use full native TD04 CHRAs and are VSR balanced @ up to 150k RPM on a UK-made Turbo Technics V3 balancer, with individual balancing reports with each serialized CHRA for additional quality assurance. Pricing for both will be $2495/pr + core (just need the Boysens)

Have plenty of stock ready to ship as you can see below...


Warranty will be 12 months, and in the unlikely event of failure we will always have brand new replacement CHRAs in stock ready to go. That's right, no extra downtime and NO rebuilds. Replacement CHRAs, should they be needed after the warranty period is over, are 395/ea and will always come with individual balancing reports. The warranty covers the obvious bearing failures, shaft/wheel failures, and oil seal failures (i.e. oil leaking from under the turbine wheel heatshield onto the outside of the bearing housing, etc)

Just so everyone knows, we've been in business for over 10 years now and have done pretty well for ourselves thus far. I like to think that we take good care of our customers, one can't always make everybody happy all of the time, but we do try. This whole project started as an engineering exercise/what-if flight of fancy, and was led more by passion than by cold-hard financial judgement believe it or not. I'm not looking to get rich quick selling turbos - heaven knows our margins are probably the lowest on the market. I just wanted to bring a kick-ass product to market at a kick-ass price, something I would choose to run on my car today if I were a consumer and not a shop owner..

I will also be formally introducing several "companion" mods for the HP650/HP800 line of turbos, none of these are strictly necessary but would make a worthwhile addition to the overall package IMO

- HP Heatshield

In the interests of further minimizing radiant heat within the engine bay, I designed a 0.6mm thick stainless steel heatshield, mirror-polished on the inside surface, to box in as much of the hot parts as possible. This fits right on top of the OE solenoid heatshield bracket, and will not fit the stock turbos without trimming. $75

-HP Complete Hy-Flow N54 intake setup

It goes without saying that pre-compressor pressure drop is an anathema to turbo performance, so we devised a full 3" high-flowing intake setup, enough for 350-400bhp/turbo while still allowing the use of the stock water tank location. Includes bellmouth-entry air filters and an enclosed airbox for the R turbo with provisions for the stock breather and heater built-in , no messy VTA setup here! Will not fit without removing the subframe and lowering the motor (preferably while installing turbos), and the airbox will not fit with FF intake manifolds obviously. $350, and

We have quite a few more exciting products in development, which we hope will play a role in advancing this platform further. Excuse the low-res photos, will have better ones taken within the coming few days, but in the meantime happy turkey day everyone!
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Jul 3, 2018
Congrats Omar, nice to see the finished product(s)! While I'm very happy with my current turbo setup, you seem to be offering a very well thought-out product and I know the work you put into it. Both turbo offerings definitely seem superior to many current twin options, crowded section of the market or not. I hope the results and sales are good for you. Plus that blue turbine wheel is nice and pretty :tongueout:

The other handful of product options seem interesting too. I know BMS has a similar inlet setup on their shop car now and I think with the right marketing you could probably sell a decent amount considering you maintain OE high side PCV function + some people still like the idea of a completely sealed airbox.

I do have some personal interest in the heat shield but also some quick questions before potentially ordering - obviously it's not super thick and I see that you mention it wont fit with stock twins, but I'm curious on fitment with other turbo/inlets/outlets than yours. I have full hotside aluminum inlets, MMP 1Ks and actually have the larger PSP aluminum MMP outlet fit as well so that space is pretty tight for me. In general should the shield fit with hotside inlets or was that not tested? I also dont have the majority of the solenoid bracket any more, I took off the plastic shield/cover/bracket for the coil's wiring harness when doing my BL coil install for better fitment and when getting my turbos installed it was easier to cut the back portion of the solenoid bracket off since I had no use for it. I'm assuming that specifically shouldn't effect anything since the mounting points would still be there correct? And how challenging would it be to squeeze in through the top with everything else in place already?
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Aug 3, 2017
Been running these HP800 for a few weeks now, so far i can say that they absolutly rip ass. Not nearly enough traction even with 295 rears... And that is only at 15psi... Still in the process of dialing these in, i'll post logs and 100-200 numbers shortly.
Jan 31, 2017
Appreciate your concern Filippo, I haven't had much free time and wanted to get back to my PMs and update my thread today, but got sidetracked watching old F1 videos. Expect an answer from me very shortly :)


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
Hahaha, if u get crickets before sending the money its alright. If it's after then u can worry.
Exactly that was my point usually people harass you for money he has been very helpful and even told me to wait for his black Friday deals before I order that was pretty honest considering dialog started a month ago.
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