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Jun 17, 2018

I very much doubt that the N53 combustion chamber is any larger in volume than that of the N54, and my cranking compression #s appear to back this up. K

Not the same thing.
Measuring cranking PSI is a dynamic compression.
Measuring static volumes, piston, head gasket, combustion chamber is how a static compression is found.

Dynamic can be affected by port design and cams. Even doing a closed throttle vs open throttle can/should show differences in dynamic.


Jan 24, 2018
Charleston, SC
what was the price? also how long to get your turbos?
Can't comment on price as there were so many changes with my order that we stopped doing itemized invoices lol.

Omar and Xav are great to work with. Shipping is fast from Lebanon surprisingly, about a week pre-pandemic. No clue now. They can advise you better given these have varying levels of custom machining and that's what adds time to the build. Not gonna pretend to know anything about their lead time these days.

I'm sure that doesn't help but there it is anyway.


Nov 7, 2016
Toms River, NJ
@Hydra Performance was working on an outlet solution that works with his turbos. Not sure where he is on that. I rolled my own. I still don't understand why an off-the-shelf outlet doesn't seem to work 🤷‍♂️

They've got a setup now, I got a silicone outlet from him for mine, which I finally got around to installing. They have a new setup now though where the 90⁰ elbows are welded on the turbos and the outlets look way easier to install than mine. I had to battle and swear and use some dish soap to get mine on the turbos.


Nov 5, 2016
thanks, do you have any pics of the outlet solution? also how much? i had the original VTT silicone outlets and last year upgraded to the vtt aluminum ones.