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If you could start over

Discussion in 'N54' started by Schurter, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. 135Pats

    135Pats Private

    Pcar but the cash outlay is obviously different seeing as how I've spent 6 years steadily dumping money into the 54, but didn't have to put down the upfront $50-80k for a used 911 or Cayman.

    N54 wise I'd love a DCT but otherwise continue to be happy with my machine. Once the draft is done I'll get back to the car a lot more. Hasn't moved off the trickle charger since the dyno a few months back (which went very well).
  2. The Convert

    The Convert Sergeant

    What charger are you using? I could use one for my car. I'm on my 3rd battery now bc it just sits all the time.
  3. matreyia

    matreyia Sergeant

    335i e93
    Next cars will be 335is e92/or93 manual trans. And also x5 35 and an m4 convertible manual trans. That way I don't have to deal with any trans issues when upgrading turbos. No desire for any porsches...they look too blah imo.
  4. Clean WHP

    Clean WHP Specialist

    2010 135i Msport 6MT
    I had a FBO 2008 135i, and I was generally very happy with it but I learned a lot about the N54 platform and 135i Chassis specifically with it. It was a great ownership experience but after a while I decided I wanted to "start over" like this thread suggests, after everything I had learned.

    After 4-6 weeks or so of some very hard thinking, I decided I wanted to stay N54. I thought of lots of different other platforms, particularly C5Z (light af, LSD, reliable, easy to work on, straight forward, resale value) etc... and was really close to pulling the trigger but decided that N54 is truly still my favorite cars. I also was contemplating E9X cars and even a 335iS / DCT trans at some point but Ultimately I decided I wanted another 1 Series but just to hold out for the perfect one.

    So on the second time around when I stated over I got a 2010 Lemans Blue Msport (black headliner) 6 speed 135i for a bargain and couldn't be happier with it for the last 2K miles. This time around Im not going to do any bolt ons, and just go straight for a single turbo build. Also since Im starting over, Im going to really take my time on this build and add each part 1 at a time as I want!
  5. 135Pats

    135Pats Private

    Ctek 4.3 via Amazon prime. I just leave it on 24/7 and it floats at full charge, so you don't have to worry about over saturation. Its 100% identical to the BMW branded one and so far as I can tell is very reputable. I lost two batteries this past winter and to your point, that crap gets old FAST.

    Hope all is well dude!

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  6. Streetz65

    Streetz65 Specialist

    08 BMW 135i
    I did ultimately start over. I had a 08 E90 335i FBO car and after a few years and different platforms I came back to a 08 135i with a built motor and bottom mount single car and love every second of it.
  7. fmorelli

    fmorelli Sergeant

    E89 Z4 35i, F10 535d
  8. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Corporal

    Z4 35is, 535xi, X5 35i
  9. The Convert

    The Convert Sergeant

    I'll give it a look see. Hope you and the car are doing well. Maybe we'll get lucky and have some decent weather soon. It's been cold and/or rain so far this year.
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    This. If I could 'get a full refund', then at this moment I'd certainly go buy a 911. I may even save that money for a huge down payment on something else, but chances are I'd just buy a 997. Porsche predicts the last combustion 911 will be made in 2030, so I'd have to take that into consideration also.
  11. Torgus

    Torgus Corporal

    fawk that is not too far away...I think they will last a little longer personally. No one wants to watch electric cars race around a track fwiw...
  12. veer90

    veer90 Sergeant

    Rye, NY
    e90 335i 6MT
    135i 6MT N54 so I can have stupid power and also totally gut it for a sub-3000lb car to do drift / road course

    Already decided if I ever crash my 335i I'm swapping everything over to a 1 series lol
  13. Martindz

    Martindz New Member

    135i 08
    What clutch did you get from mfactory?