Liquid Oxygen Tank (Just for Laughs he he)


Jan 7, 2017
I have now solved all of the problems concerning boost and inlet air temps by connecting this bad boy O2 tank directly to the throttle body. Liquid oxygen is vaporized and controllably delivered anywhere between -25C and -100C. I’ve completely bypassed the DCI, inlets, turbos, outlets, FMIC and charge pipe so all those silly plumbing parts for making and cooling high pressure heated air can be tossed for additional weight savings. Indeed I can control boost anywhere up to 2000 psi if I so choose to while keeping IATs well below zero...
Bye bye VTT.
Bye bye MOTIV.
Bye bye VAC.
Bye bye TwistedTuning.
Bye bye all the other sponsors.

(Of course, @doublespaces will likely ban me as this simple oxygen tank completely makes everything discussed on his forum obsolete.)
LOL! :tonguewink:



Apr 5, 2017
Wasnt this the precursor to using nitrous? But the whole, carrying around a highly combustible material made it less desirable, right.