M Mode N54 DCT enabled...


May 4, 2017
Plano TX
I don’t think it actually matters to be honest. As long as they have experience tuning N54 IKMOS and I think more importantly DCTs on N54 they should be able to do a good job
With my brief conversations with @V8bait the only real concern is that the IKM0S is the least defined ROM.

Little-blue _bmw

New Member
Sep 24, 2018
Can this be done on a 2011 135i (n55) dct car? I would like to do this ASAP! Also if I bought the shift module ie shifter box out of an e92 could we make that work?


Nov 18, 2017
Hey mate, have you made any progress on getting yourself upgraded to the M3 bits or are you still in a holding pattern?
In a holding pattern indefinitely. Other things are taking my focus at the moment. My bike for one. Its cheaper to modify and run and its faster... hmm