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Oct 15, 2018
MG Flasher - mobile App for B58 BMW Fxx/Gxx tuning - Available in Google Play Store !

You can download the app from the Google play app store (iOS support coming out at a later date)

JR Auto Performance Inc. is pleased to announce our latest tuning solution for B58 engines. We would also like to give a brief synopsis of our now released flashing tool, MG Flasher which is a mobile application that is applicable for Fxx/Gxx B58 vehicles. We are proud to say that we are among the first in the world to unlock the MG1 ECU with our own solution/core software. Now we are able to offer you OBD tuning capability through WiFi or K+CAN cable. We have been able to facilitate a flashing time around 1 minute 30 sec! This will enhance your flashing experience as well as provides a safer environment. We know that maintaining your warranty through software modification is a key deciding factor when considering a tune for your car. Rest assured, our JR Auto Performance software is designed to keep your CVN (Checksum Verification Number) and flash counter untouched. This means our software will be virtually invisible to dealer level diagnostic tools.

About MG Flasher:

MG flasher provides the user flashing capability of various prepared maps along with custom flashing option for BMW Fxx/Gxx series equipped with B58 engines and controlled by the DME86X ECU. MG flasher is a mobile application that has been prepared for Android users (iOS version coming soon)
The tuning process has never been easier. Simply connect the mobile device to your OBD connector with the supported Wi-Fi adapter or K+DCAN cable and tune your BMW within minutes with the provided OTS maps or use custom option for flashing custom maps. There are different tuning stages available (OTS maps), outlined below which are offered to meet your specific driving needs!

Our MG flasher also offers many unique functions included with the purchase of the Flashing license:
  • OTS maps/ All OTS pack (subject to additional cost)
  • Custom flashing – flash custom maps
  • Logger - log real time data and plot it into graphs for troubleshooting and optimizing (subject to additional cost)
  • Diagnostic - Read and clear BMW specific DTC's
  • Reset various adaptations, restore coding
  • CVN number (Checksum Verification Number) along with flashing counter stays untouched. This means our software will be virtually invisible to dealer level diagnostic tools
Various other custom options are available with each OTS map including:
  • Exhaust burbles
  • Cold start with cat heating delete (racing/off-road use only)
  • Speed limit removal
  • HP gauge and TQ gauge calibrated according to the power level
  • More in the future updates
OBDII Wi-Fi adapter or K+DCAN cable with OTG adapter is required for flashing
Between creating our flashing tool, to extensively testing our performance software on our in-house dyno, we had our work cut out for us. For starters we purchased a brand new F30 340i B58 with MPPSK which we used to develop our solution for programming. Day in and day out, tirelessly for the last seven months we worked towards unlocking the SPC5777M that runs the DME861.

Our tester car had MPPSK software equipped on it to begin with. We decided to flash/downgrade our 340i with non MPPSK (stock non-performance software) and establish a baseline. From this stock (non-performance) flash we began our research and development. Analyzing and studying software documents along with a multitude of test runs and extensive data logging on both the dyno and the road enabled us to deliver you our end product. A product that does not just focus on maximum power but also reliability and ensures longevity of your vehicle and its components.

Our facility is equipped with a V-Tech dynamometer, that provides us with very accurate and realistic graphs and numbers. All our dyno runs will be displayed in horsepower/torque @ the crankshaft, the same as how BMW rates their engines. We did not apply any smoothing options to our dyno diagrams.

For a point of reference, displayed will be the power output of both Original and MPPSK software based off our measurement of them on our dyno. This can give you an idea of the exact delta gain of our software vs the various stages of what is considered stock software.

ORIGINAL: 343hp 360 ftlb / 488NM @ Crank
MPPSK: + 40hp + 34 ftlb (383hp/395ftlb / 535NM @ Crank)

Our offered solutions are available in the following stages and are available as OTS maps programmable through MG flasher:

STAGE 1: + 69hp + 63ftlb / 85NM Torque (412hp 423ftlb / 573NM @ Crank)
A great, entry level software flash designed for all stock components and 91 Octane or greater. This software is intended to be a step up from BMW Performance Software (MPPSK), which reduces the torque spikes, increases power and smooths out the overall powerband. You will notice an increase in responsiveness as well as drivability.

Technical Information:
Boost Pressure: 16 PSI (1.1 Bar)

Exhaust Burble
Cold Start Delete
Display NBT HP/TQ gauges calibration

STAGE 2: +99hp +118ftlb (442hp 478ftlb / 648NM @ Crank)
For the spirited driver that wants the most out of their stock component vehicle. This software is intended to safely maximize your vehicle’s potential performance. The power curve has been delicately engineered to eliminate any dips in the overall powerband as well as maximizing delivery of that power throughout the entire RPM range. Designed to work with 93/94 Octane for best results.
*Transmission Tuning Recommended* - See technical information for more.

Technical Information:
Boost Pressure: 19 PSI (1.3 Bar)

Exhaust Burble
Cold Start Delete
Display NBT HP/TQ gauges calibration

Transmission Limiter Information:
The 340i is equipped with an 8HP50 transmission where the factory torque limiter is set to 550NM which is roughly 400ftlb tq @ the crank. For the best results and proper smoothing of the torque curve without any transmission related torque intervention we have found that is best to increase the limiter within the transmission software. We can present you with two options to implement this on your vehicle:

Option 1: Lifting the limiter in the transmission ECU which can be done for example with xHP Flashtool - based on information from their Facebook Page the flashing possibility arriving soon.
Option 2: Bringing the car to our shop for reprogramming of the transmission ECU or other tuner equipeed with tuning tools to capable to read 8HP software.

STAGE 3: +XX HP + XX Torque (Actual Dyno Numbers @ Crank) – in development
This software will be intended for those of you who will modify their exhaust by fitting either a catless downpipe or a downpipe fitted with a high flow catalytic converter. We will be fitting our tester vehicle with both options, analyze the pros and cons of either and will soon have a solution released after extensive testing on both the dyno and road.

Please feel free to reach out to us with PM or by sending us an email at [email protected]
We are looking forward to your feedback. Thank you all so much for your consideration and taking the time to read this! We will keep up on maintaining this post with the newest and most relevant information for you all.

Below are examples of our dyno diagrams:

This is how our new and 'improved' Stage 2 ++ tune looks like:


Some MG Flasher App screenshots:



ST1 vs stock


ST1 vs MPPSK vs stock


old ST2 vs stock





New Addition in the app - Datalogger:

MG Flasher offers products intended only for competition racing/off-road use which may not be road legal in your region. JR Auto Performance Inc. accepts no responsibility for compliance with vehicle’s factory warranty or road legality.
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Apr 1, 2019
Big applause and shout out to MG Flasher for making my F30 2018 340xi 6speed feel exactly how I imagined it could feel... but way way better.

Long story short, ever since I got the car in early 2018 I always felt it honestly sucked in terms of spirited driving experience. High rpm wot shifts were laggy, felt the car was hesitating, it felt timid when asked to perform, it did not like to play, I was far from impressed, it dit however do rather well as a highway cruiser, comfy and relaxed.

I threw a JB+ and an Intake on it and yes it improved power a bit but the whole experience still left me looking for other cars.

For some time I have been following on forums for flash tune development and we all know the groups who stand out. I contacted all the groups with various questions and determined that for what I need, a Stage 2 from MG Flasher is exactly what I was looking for.

I honestly could not believe the difference not only in power but also driving experience.
The car is a completely different beast, now it accelerates, it pulls all the way to redline in every gear, when you shift at high rpm it pulls again hard and consistently, it’s unreal. It feels like a twin turbo the way it pulls to redline and does not run out!
The car feels factory in terms of power delivery, consistent and smooth, but beasty, and now I simply love the car.

If you are not impressed by your B58 and deep down you know it can do more, well it can... much much more.

Stop waiting and put a Stage 2 MG Flasher tune on it. The only regret you will have is not having it done sooner.


Notes: Car is bone stock & std exhaust MG Stage 2 94 Octane
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[email protected]

Oct 15, 2018

𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗧 𝗰𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝘄 𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗱 on MG Flasher update ver 1.3.20!

Introducing an all new feature to MG Flasher: support for fast flashing of your BMW via 𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗧 𝗰𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲!

Change maps in 𝟭𝟱-𝟮𝟬 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱𝘀! Unlocking your ECU in just 𝟰-𝟲 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝘂𝘁𝗲𝘀. This ultra fast process means no more hassle with battery chargers and K+DCAN cables. Having your BMW unlocked 10x quicker means less downtime and more exhilarating fun on the road!

Take advantage of fast flashing through an ENET cable by updating to the latest version of our MG Flasher App Ver 1.3.20.

ENET cable is usable on all supported BMW B58 Fxx and Gxx series. Make sure you have ethernet connectivity (through USB) on your device with the ability to set specific configurations. Refer to our Hardware Connection Guide or User Manual for details.

We are excited to continue providing new features like B48 beta support to MG Flasher, that's why we have been working hard to bring you ENET solution. Our next update, to be released very soon, will provide support for all BMW’s with B48 engines (both Fxx and Gxx series) using ENET and other tools.

Stay tuned!
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[email protected]

Oct 15, 2018

We are offering 20% off for Flashing License and OTS Maps on all BMW G and F Series B58 B48 and B46
Offer is valid from November 28th until December 3rd

ENET WiFi adapters are now supported with the MG Flasher update ver 1.3.27
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