B58 MG Flasher: Switchable Maps On-The-Fly update for BMW F Series B58

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Oct 15, 2018
Switchable Maps On-The-Fly update for BMW F Series B58
MG Flasher update v234


First in the world, our entirely revised custom code for MG Flasher’s Switchable Map On-The-Fly feature brings officially support for F-Series B58. B48 and G series support will be rolling out in the following weeks. Our new custom code (v5.1) allows to switch between OTS Octane, Ethanol blends map, new Stage 2.5 (HPFP upgrade required) without the need to reflash the vehicle! Through a simple combination of the Brake Pedal, Accelerator Pedal and the Driver Select Switch you can quickly select between mapping. Please refer to OTS map release notes for which map slot contains which map.

Existing users should synchronize your App and update/flash new maps. Just before flashing you will be informed that the procedure will take approximately 3 – 4 minutes. This is a one-time flash that will not occur again unless new updates are released in this specific new code. Minimum OTS map version 2.11 is required to access Switchable Map option. Tuners should contact us about accessing Switchable Maps when using “Custom Flash Menu”.

Watch our instructional video on YouTube to see how it works and read our User Manual for details! F and G series vehicles:

Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump support has also been added. From the flashing menu, select the HPFP Installed option for B58TU pump, Spool Performance FX-150 & FX-180 or Dorch Engineering Stage 1 & 2. This will allow the ECU to properly control the pump. To gain any performance benefits of these high flow pumps, you’ll also need to select a Stage 2.5 map (part of Switchable Maps option). Please refer to OTS map release notes for which map slot contains Stage 2.5.

When using Stage 2.5, it is required to have an upgraded HPFP (B58TU, Spool Performance FX-150 and FX-180 or Dorch Engineering Stage 1 and 2) and downpipe. To prevent unintentional damage, do not switch to this map without installing these upgrades and selecting HPFP Installed in the flashing menu first.

Custom Code version 5.1 also bring bug fixes and improvements to Cold Start Delete, Max Cooling and Burble On-The-Fly selection. Burbles will no longer change aggressiveness (eco to comfort) on its own with engine start. Switching Burble mode on F series now requires 4 MSA presses and to return to default requires 6 presses in any mode. F and G series share the same instructions now.

The MG Flasher Team