MHD - Coolant Target Flash: Sport, Track

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  1. Will this reduce the longevity of our ever so reliable water pumps?
  2. 08_335i

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    2008 ST 335i
    It's not going to "help" the life of them. But engine life is more important.
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    Any results?
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    Did a complete coolant flush back in like nov. My temps would still run commonly to 250. All I had was a CP, DV's, and MHD stage 1. After MHD did the update and I flashed to "Sport" cooling, my temps dont go past 240 unless its like 100 degrees out and I'm gunning it everywhere for 45 minutes
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    Pretty good to hear, I might consider this option when I replace my pump.
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    I am using track options on my N55. Ambient thresholds dictate when the cooling target changes. in 90f+ weather the car will run the coolant at 180f. Oil will be at 210f for the most part, but will still rise to 240-250 after a few pulls. Oil does not exchange heat as efficiently as coolant so the heat builds over time. Coolant rises across pulls too, but coolant can get back down to 180f target within a minute or so of cruising whereas oil takes 10x the time to cool back down.

    I can see how reducing oil temps will increase friction and reduce mpg, but there is no way it's noticeable unless you do all highway mileage. Driving around town in traffic will still cause oil temps to still sit around 230-240 (or as high as 240-250 when mashing the gas) even when coolant is running at 180f.
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    2009 E93 335i
    I flashed sport mode. Have not even been logging coolant temps so I cant give any input other than it doesn't make the pump noticeably louder. Then again lots of things are different on my car and I've lost a sense for what 'normal' feels like anymore.
  8. I daily commute a 120miles round trip all highway, make 29mpg according to OBC.
    N54xi on sport jb4 bef pump..

    I haven't notice any change in MPG...
    Oil temp is steady around ~ 230F. (no oil cooler) all highway no WOT.
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    Still debating on doing this. Doesn't Dinan do this on their tunes?
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    Can someone confirm that its possible to have two targets in the DME ? One for normal and one for sport mode?
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    Great question