B58 MHD custom tuners


Nov 5, 2016
Who is the go to guy for custom B58 MHD tunes?
I’m looking to do an e85 tune.

Car is a 2017 M140i
Manual gearbox
Pure Stage 2 (original version not the 800)
100 cell catted downpipe


Oct 14, 2019
It seems like everybody can tune everything these days. But I'm going to shout out the vendors here that can probably get you going:

@Twisted Tuning

BTW, jealous of the 140i
+1 for @Twisted Tuning
One of the most knowledgeable guys in the turbo bmw tuning world imo, he also owns N54's, N55's, and B58's as well which allows him to learn them inside out and also allows him to learn new things about these motors and push the envelope on his own personal cars as opposed to instagram/Facebook group tuners who learn by blowing up customer cars. This imo shows investment and dedication to his craft, and allows him to really stand behind his craft and that's why I personally believe Justin (Twisted tuning) is the best, and I personally wouldn't have anyone else tune my car.
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Twisted Tuning

Platinum Vendor
Oct 25, 2016
New York
Thank you very much for the mentions and extremely kind words. It means a ton to me. I try very hard to give people the best possible product wherever possible so it means a lot when its noticed.

OP, feel free to reach out and discuss what ypu are looking for.
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