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Dec 1, 2016
New York
Stock Turbo (N55 PWG) with E30 custom tune:

Tuned by @TwistedTuning

We have since added several degrees of timing. Fueling is a limiting factor right now. I will be adding a Stage 1 LPFP, increasing E30 content to ~E50, and adding more timing since the higher octane should support it.

Car just put down 364/497? with the dyno operator bogging the crap out of it and causing a huge throttle closure/dip in rail pressure. I'll be back to the dyno with latest revision soon to see what it puts down with some cleaner pulls! Hoping for 380whp/500wtq. Can't see why the additional timing across the board wouldn't get me there...

EDIT: I am disappointed to say that the stage 1 LPFP didn't help my dip in rail pressure. After installing the pump rail pressure stayed the same. I did reset adaptions though and things improved, but I don't think the two are related.
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Mar 30, 2018
Hello Guys,
Have been running MHD since last year and driven almost 20k miles. 2011 335i with 134k miles on it.
I have all the basic maintenance done on time with supporting mods ( VRSF hiflow dp, VRSF 7inch FMIC, ARM chargepipe, stick plugs and coils ( always replaced around 10k miles - thanks to FCP).
I am mainly running stage 1+ and never had any issues. When I switched to stage 2+, my coils were not happy about it somehow. My earlier coils and plugs lasted only 8k miles.
So I decided to go little 'safer' and was playing with different stages of the map to check which one suits my purpose as a daily driven car/ occasional pulls.
The datazap log is from stage 2 map with 91 octane, however I have Exxon 93 fuel.

Can someone check the logs and let me now if it looks ok? I am worried about the timing corrections on the pull and I am not super technical to understand whether they can be termed as 'safe' or 'ok'.
Also the boost is always higher than the target. Not sure if that's fine.


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