Mission Performance B58 Tune Dyno results


Nov 5, 2016
I have been running the Mission Performance Stage 2 tune for the last two weeks.
I’ve been happy with the drivability, drives like stock but just with more everywhere and much more up top when I’ve had the chance to wind it out.

Finally got a chance to get the car on the dyno this week and the results were better than I expected.
The car has the stock intake with a K&N filter and stock downpipe. Running Australian 98ron fuel which is similar to US 93.

It's worth mentioning up front that Australian dynos usually read lower than US spec Dynojets. Although most Australians have commented that my baseline seems high.
Also worth mentioning that the M140i stock tune is 250kw/355hp similar to a 340i with the performance Power kit.

We did three power runs with tune loaded and all were very consistent around 390whp, best was 391.8whp.
Flashed it back to stock while still strapped down and did three runs, once again all very consistent around 300whp.

So approximately 30% gain with just the tune.

The Mission Performance tune also runs safer AFRs than the stock tune which stay around 14-15:1 the whole way.
We couldn’t find somewhere to tap into to get a boost reading, but going off my P3 ODB gauge it looks like peak boost went from 12 to 18psi.

I’ve ordered a BCS high flow catted downpipe to help it breathe a bit better. So will go back once that is on and I’m expecting over 400whp.

For comparison two 1Ms were on the same dyno a couple of days ago and with intake, DPs, intercooler and MHD stage 2 tunes they both were around 350whp.

Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mission Performance. The process was simple you just need a laptop, his software, an internet connection and an enet cable. Or it can be done in person if you are located in California.






Nov 5, 2016
Oh very nice! Finally some B58 flash tune results! Is your car stock otherwise?
Stock intake with a K&N filter and stock downpipe.
Modified mid pipe (big resonator cut out) with MPE.
I have ordered a BCS high flow catted DP as this tune is probably a bit agressive for the stock one.

It has some non power related mods
2017 BMW M140i Performance Edition, manual with MP LSD.
Advan GT wheels and AD08R tyres
F: 18x8.5et35 225/40/18
R: 18x9.5et52 255/35/18
Endless MX72 brake Pads, Endless RF650 fluid and braided lines.
Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers with swift springs and Vorshlag camber plates.
and some other bits and pieces.

Have a bunch of videos here


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Nov 5, 2016
So I installed a BCS 100cel catted downpipe and went back to the Dyno.
It only picked up 10whp (391 to 401whp), but less back pressure can only be a good thing for the engine and turbo.
Plus the car sounds mean now.

For those interested in the basics of the tune I don't have logs but I was watching my P3 gauge during the runs.
It runs a peak of 19psi and ramps up to 8 degrees of timing, AFR is on the graphs (much richer than stock tune).

This is a manual car and dynos were done in 5th, also the RPM scaling is slightly off in the graphs due to the dyno operator.