Motiv Based RHD N54 & N55 Single Turbo Kit

I've been helping develop this kit for the last three years and its ready for production.

Kit Includes:

  • Motiv N54 / N55 RHD manifold with custom hot side pipe
  • Custom Turbo manifold heat shield (optional ceramic coating)
  • Garrett GTX3076R Gen2, GTX3576R Gen2 or Garret GTX3584RS with modified compressor housing
  • 3 inch dump pipe to standard exhaust connection
  • 3 inch inlet with dry filter
  • Custom turbo to IC pipe
  • Tial MVR or Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm Wastegate.
  • Chromoly Engine Mount Relocation Kit with custom comfort mount (45A)
  • Turbo scavenge tank with VDO pump oil return
  • Oil check valve
  • PTFE lines and Speedflow dash fittings
  • Custom RHD block-offs
  • Custom RHD water coolant relocation
  • All silicon joiners and constant pressure Turbosmart clamps
  • Ceramic coating (optional)
  • Motiv Boostbox (optional)
  • Mac Solenoid (optional)
  • 800 to 1800hp monster IC kit (optional)
  • Custom VTA catch can system (optional)
  • Plazmaman FF manifold (optional)
  • Custom IC to TB up pipe (optional)
  • Turbosmart Big Bubba DV or Raceport BOV (optional)
This kit has been extensively tested for the last two years covering over 20,000 miles (32000km) through unforgiving, hot Australia summers and short but cold winters.

Add 20 to 25% to convert from Dyno Dynamics to Dyno Jet power figure so conservatively around 763whp

This is on a stock freak motor and transmission that has managed to survive the shear abuse and torture of our enviroment and testing.

We have seen higher numbers but the transmission was not happy at over 28psi.

Boost was limited even though the GTX 3584rs Turbo is 35psi+ capable



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