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E8X Mr. Pink Single Turbo Widebody 135i Build Thread

Discussion in '1 and 2-Series' started by Mr.Pink, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. As of late, I've been asked and asked to write up a build thread on my car. Bear with me, forums are not my thing and writing isn't either.

    Overview of the car:
    2008 135i 6 speed 117k miles
    Alpine white / Coral red

    Motiv800 Single Turbo Kit (Xona Rotor 8267)
    Motiv Port Injection
    AIC6 controller
    *******! Stage 3 LPFP W/ FPR
    BCP Colossal FMIC
    ER CP W/ Tial Q BOV
    ADV O2
    Motiv Twin Disc Clutch
    Single 3" midpipe to AA v1 catback (straight pipe basically)
    MFactory 3.08 diff
    Currently at 29psi on e85
    Tuned by Jake H. @MOTIV Motorsport Via Motiv BOOSTBOX

    Airlift Performance Series
    Airlift 3P management
    CCW D240 Wheels (Brushed tinted faces, Polished lips)
    18x9 +36 W/ 235/40 Michellin PSS
    18x11 +18 W/ 315/35 Toyo TQ Drag Radials

    Custom OEM M4 Bumper .... yes
    Seibon CF Hood
    CSL Style CF Trunk
    CF Kidney Grilles
    CF Diffuser
    OEM Blacklines
    N5Tuner CF Fenders & CF Flares
    Black brushed wrapped roof

    OEM Leather wrapped Recaro Sportsters
    BMW Performance V2 Steering wheel
    Small random shit (who cares about my performance SSK and shiftknob and boot really?)

    i KNOW im missing small stuff, but who cares.... you guys get the jist of the car, its pretty wild and as you can tell, i didnt cheap out anywhere with it.

    The car was purchased in April 2014, i had bought an accessport on my way to the dealership in Texas to look at the car.... LOL!! Here it was:

    Not long after, i followed the footsteps of everyone else and went FBO with the car, a nice e40 blend and Jake H tuned the car to 19psi making 425WHP/465WTQ, this was before MHD logic, no inlets, stock T map... I was pumped!

    2015-05-27 (1).jpg

    Started racing more and more, quickly learned that even when you install an LSD, you still break axles.....
    I was satisfied with FBO power for about 2 years in... maybe less. I had everything done at this point, inlets and e60 motiv maps, mhd, jb4, both in combination, i tried it all. I ended up with 22psi stock turbo map MHD only and the Motiv800 kit ordered.

    During this time I have been prepping my car for Rally events i participate in with a group of friends, gotta do what u gotta do to keep up. Here was my first:

    This entire year has been fun. Its been a crazy learning experience, ive "suffered" along the way but thats due to my own faults on install error or just being a straight up noob. it happens, definitely have learned alot.

    So to the fun stuff... My motiv kit came in

    IMG_20160219_210944.jpg FB_IMG_1457040588814.jpg
    Andddd it was in:

    And soon after it was in i installed the LPFP and the Port injection, Jake of course tuned my AIC for me. This 135i needed to drink!!

    IMG_20160320_161350.jpg IMG_20160322_205837.jpg IMG_20160329_145634.jpg

    Now that shes drinking, time for jake to get to tuning and start making some real power.... Boost box....? Check! (that guinea pig life) oh yeah and a gauge i havent installed yet too lol


    Upgraded ADV O2's.... yep need those too

    So now that ive got all the right parts installed and the right guy tuning me... and im making power, i realize that blowing your tires and going completely sideways at 80mph was not cool at all, so i bought me a set of 17" ARC 8 wheels to match my fronts, and threw some 275/40/17 Toyo TQ drag radials on them. Life was pretty good at this point, still spun but not nearly as dangerous.

    Recaros THAT EVERYONE SLEPT ON..... Let me just tell you guys.... THESE THINGS WERE ON THE FORUMS BEFORE I BOUGHT MY CAR... I couldnt believe they were still available. I needed them, the weight savings is awesome, i do miss my heated option though. But they look and feel amazing, i wouldnt have it any other way now that ive experience them.

    BCP needed people to test their Colossal FMIC, i signed up with the quickness

    So right around here is when things start kinda getting fucky.... I did something random AF and really didnt know where i was going with it. I ordered the N5Tuner CF Front fenders for my car. I ordered the CF CSL style trunk, and wrapped my roof brushed black. (CF wrap is weak) I was ready for my next rally, The Southern Express.

    We got to drive out on Texas Motor Speedway, fun stuff.

    After this event i went to SEMA, i got to see Jay's car (the N5tuner car) and was set on those rear flares. They are the best current option IMO, unless you wanna ball out and buy Marco's RAZE GT kit hahah!

    CF Rear flares, Airlift Performance with 3P management, and my CCW wheels were ordered when i came home from SEMA and recouped my bank account (Vegas was LIT). I knew exactly what i was going to do with this car.

    Everything came in and it was time. Bag it first:

    Might i mention that this Airlift kit is fucking awesome?! before ( i didnt mention) but i was running basic bilstein coilovers, nothing fancy but way better than my stock suspension at 90k miles LOL.. The car handles 10x better on air than it did. You'll say that my bilsteins sucked and idk what im talking about, maybe... But i do know that this Airlift kit is LEGIT.

    Back to the 18" wheels, ever seen a 135i tuck a 275/35 NT05? shit it was tucking damn near half the wheel! (slowly turning into a stancefag)


    Now to get the wheels and tires in.... yep those will do

    Test fit? (Pro tape skillz and super good at lining stuff up)

    I really liked where things were going at this point. I wont lie, i was pretty happy with myself. But now to let the pros do their thing.... Heres them cutting my quarter panels and doing their test fit
    IMG_20170102_135927.jpg 20170104_170236.jpg 20170104_170303.jpg

    Now at this point some of you hate it, some of you love it, and some of you are like wheres this fucking m4 bumper? I was really trying to not show it till it was done... its close but not there just yet. I'll show what i got
    20161019_174853.jpg 3102323554373368650-account_id=1.jpg

    Car will be done this week, expect a bunch of pictures. Sorry for the scatter brained build thread, i did my best lolol

    If you guys have any questions let me know! I know for sure i missed stuff
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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    This is awesome, I'm curious about the air bags. I'll have to check them out. Never had a bagged car before.
  3. e30sherm

    e30sherm Private

    '08 135i, 95 318ti M52 swapped
    This is an amazing build. I want to see some of that m4 bumper
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Got any shots of how you mounted the tank? That is my only concern right now. I'd need a clean trunk setup for my e93
  5. I'm seriously impressed. Now that it will hook ill report back how it handles but my current impression on them is they handle better than my old coilovers, and are much comfier/less bouncy.

    Will post alot of professional pics of the car once it's all done. It's still being built
  6. Nope I don't.... Not sure why I haven't taken any pics yet. Nothing fancy, no Dom is popped when my trunk is popped, just the tank and compressor as far back as it can go and the management in the battery tray, to the left of the battery. It's clean, just forgot to take pics I guess.

    Heads up half your trunk space will be gone. Start carrying duffel bags if you take your car on long trips like me lol
  7. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Haha the dom p, bring it out!

    What size tank did you go with?
  8. 5 gal.... I think lolol
  9. VI 335

    VI 335 New Member

    Awesome build so far looking forward to seeing the end result
  10. 343cab

    343cab Lurker

    Wow, what an amazing build.
  11. Well the car is done, minus some minor details. I did a full photoshoot/video yesterday with the car, should be pretty sweet!

    Not really my thing, however i will be at StoopidCold in Memphis this weekend if anyone wants to see the car in person...

    Heres a teaser from yesterday

  12. Oh yeah, front bumper :cool:

  13. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    Nice man, look forward to more photos
  14. For The Love of Auto did a full shoot with the car. I am stoked with the results. Heres the video:

  15. And the photos they took:

    16143473_738086363033804_7164860765067161994_o.jpg 16178830_738085539700553_5089837753582035732_o.jpg 16177655_738087093033731_5337247553277777626_o.jpg 16112626_738087079700399_4491838464421231748_o.jpg 16107229_738085609700546_3739773398775004920_o.jpg 16179338_738085573033883_2346702818411509755_o.jpg 16107422_738085636367210_4969533169755494865_o.jpg 16107355_738085879700519_8011173185801818100_o.jpg 16179045_738086279700479_1494766880389368881_o.jpg 16112986_738086239700483_5302486264034693541_o.jpg 16107121_738085456367228_9219410143752763588_o.jpg 16107268_738085433033897_5738411390227217374_o.jpg 16113429_738086916367082_256072571713120732_o.jpg 16112615_738085396367234_1485043104319965623_o.jpg 16179566_738086336367140_4683693618560861281_o.jpg 16179647_738087113033729_265507747853130582_o.jpg 16179583_738084883033952_5938302601579080279_o.jpg 16178952_738085233033917_2121242304903672424_o.jpg 16113464_738083609700746_1575020394483299043_o.jpg 16178495_738083659700741_5985295216151541557_o.jpg 16179768_738085136367260_1898395739678709528_o.jpg 16113268_738085199700587_8273215712436603357_o.jpg 16177562_738086976367076_7153728153006063489_o.jpg 16178528_738086963033744_7454142799677947034_o.jpg 16107528_738084189700688_263242396393739373_o.jpg 16107332_738087046367069_3781895198758295718_o.jpg 16179068_738085369700570_3207583075567872228_o.jpg 16113234_738085243033916_2051684960616539514_o.jpg 16178676_738087039700403_4512582811413060131_o.jpg 16113335_738085346367239_4044416051799428522_o.jpg
  16. 16113376_738087133033727_2319778450334738977_o.jpg 16178614_738084869700620_3264660035965477320_o.jpg 16113017_738085039700603_8233918144005743651_o.jpg 16143467_738084179700689_7153173400799093373_o.jpg 16178641_738085383033902_5206333245733108669_o.jpg
  17. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    This car is something else! Nice work man
  18. Yositoco

    Yositoco New Member

    Was the video of this car getting stolen a joke? I hope it was cause this car is BA
  19. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    It was supposedly a joke, ultimately the car is crashed.
  20. Yeah. It was done as a joke as a spoof to the kid with the bone stock sti that got stolen and wrecked.... Was sent to a group chat of friends and then got out and was posted around lol.

    To let you guys know what happened, it was super dramatic...... I got rear ended by an altima and was pushed into a corolla with a bike rack

    Annnnnd there goes my car