N54 Cooling - Temp Control Logic and what are your temps during extended track use?


Apr 19, 2017
Sorry to thread jack, but, how do the BRAUM fit you? height/weight? do your shoulders land at a good spot above the belt openings?
Braum seats are yet to be installed. But I do hear good things about them from e93 owners. One owner even said he would never go back to stock M3 seats again.


Apr 19, 2017
Don’t forget lightweight wheels and tires!
Oh yea...I got those already. I got the 313 model 18" wheels at 21lbs. per front wheel. Previous I had the big ass 5 spoke that weighed 34lbs each... shit! I shed probably 40 lbs of wheel weight which is multiplied x10 as regular weight so basically, 400 lbs. off the car.

Seats will take another 90 lbs off.


Mar 10, 2018
Following the initial conclusions presented in this thread, I decided to jump ahead and add an extra coolant radiator. See detailed post in my build thread here. I should be able to do some logging during January, although not at +100F amb temps unfortunately :D

When ordering the radiator, I had to decide whether I wanted to leave enough space for my 7.5 HD race FMIC to be re-installed in the future. My calculations showed that in order to exceed the cooler area x depth of the S54, I would have to use all the space available above my current 7in FMIC. This means, if I keep the radiator in this position, I won't be able to fit a 7.5 FMIC. As I am only running 18-20psi, this should be fine, but others may want to consider placement elsewhere.

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Jun 4, 2018
@Asbjorn... nice! Can't wait to see the results!

I'm trying to wrap up some suspension items then i'll be going back to attacking the cooling stuff as well. Unfortunately minimal track days in the Mid Atalantic and certainly not hot these days for any good testing.
Sep 6, 2018
Hi there, I track my 1M. I haven’t done anything to my cooling system yet and I’m also very concerned and let down by the oil temp. My car is stock turbo with JB4 running ~17psi peak, WT EVO III large inter-cooler, stock cooling system and cowl piece removed for theoretically better air flow out of the engine bay. Here in Guangdong, I have done ZIC and GIC in 80F+ days. For my last track day at GIC on 11.10, the ambient temp was ~80F. I was testing other things so I data-logged my pulls down the front and/or back straights. Here is the data for temps at the end of the straights:

Lap # - Oil Temp - Water Temp
==== 1 warm-up lap ====
Lap 1 - 219F - 196F
Lap 2 - 249F - 214F
Lap 3 - 258F - 214F
Lap 4 - 262F - 218F
==== 1 cool-down lap and ~3 mins in the pit with fan on 100% ====
Lap 5 - 233F - 199F
Lap 6 - 260F - 220F
Lap 7 - 271F - 221F
Lap 8 - 282F - 225F

It appears that if the oil temp can be kept below 260F, water temp should be under 220F.

As a protection, JB4 goes into safe mode when oil temp goes above ~285F. Therefore, I never reached 230F water temp since oil temp goes above 280F long before that. Ideally, I would love to keep my oil temps much lower, say ~240F.

I am now tempted to put in place a second oil cooler. However, I haven't decided where I want to place it. Currently, there are two possible locations:
  1. Remove the stock aux radiator on the driver side and replace with an oil cooler.
    • Pros:
      • easy fitment, easy bracket, no cutting, not interfering with anything else
      • able to vent hot air after cooler away from the engine bay and into wheel well
    • Cons:
      • space is limited so the size of the cooler cannot be too large
      • aux radiator deleted
  2. Behind front grille, in front of the radiator and above the intercooler.
    • Pros:
      • able to fit a large cooler
      • likely more air flow than the other location
    • Cons:
      • main radiator is blocked
      • hot air vented into engine bay
What do you guys think? Which is the better location for a second oil cooler? Also, given a second oil cooler, is upgrading the one in stock location still necessary?

Lap 1
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Lap 2
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Lap 3
View attachment 18174
Lap 4
View attachment 18175
Lap 5
View attachment 18176
Lap 6
View attachment 18177
Lap 7
View attachment 18178
Lap 8
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