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N54 Long Haul, Maintenance Records - Show Them!

Discussion in 'N54' started by Snelson3003, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Hey Guys,

    I am hoping to keep my 2010 BMW 135i N54 for basically another 6 years. I wanted to see what all the maintenance you all have done thus far but will start with mine!

    Mileage: 83,512
    Year/Model: 2010 135I N54
    Bought with XX Miles: 35,100
    Oil Used: Motul 8100 Xcess 5w-40 @ 5,000 miles

    Maintenance: EKPM3-DE @ 74K | Water pump & T-stat @ 70K | Valve Cover @ 50K | VTT Turbo @ 70K | HPFP @ 65K | Walnut Blasting @ 65K | 6 Injectors @ 55K | Vacuum lines @ 55K | Spark Plugs @ 75K | Boost Solenoid @ 65K | Tires @ 78K (rear) | All 4 Rotor & Pads @ 60K

    Future Maintenance: 6AT Flush, another HPFP, Serpentine belts/pulleys.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Andy

    Andy Specialist

    I keep a list of maintenance records on my computer so might as well just share it anyways!

    Year/Model: 2010 335i N54

    Oil changes done with AMS oil 5w30: 50,000/55,000/60,000/65,000
    Oil change done with Motul 8100 X-Cess 5w40: 69,600
    Spark Plugs: 62,000/73,000
    Ignition coils: 62,000 Bosch/ 73,000 Delphi
    Walnut blast: 60,000
    OEM turbos replaced at 65,000
    Valve cover gasket replaced at 65,000
    AC Evap leak fixed: 65,000
    Six new index 12 injectors replaced: 65,000
    Radiator/fan/fuses replaced at: 60,000
    Serpertine belt/belt tensioner replaced: 65,000
    Brake pads (Akebono) replaced: 68,000
    Coolant flushed/replaced w/ OEM coolant: 62,269
    Brake fluid flush/change w/ OEM brake fluid: 60,014/71,000
    Radiator fan/fuse replaced at: 60,014
    FRM3 Module: 59,600

    Performance/Suspension mods:
    M3 front/lower control arms installed: 65,300
    M3 E93 Front sway bars with powerplex bushings installed: 61,699
    HP Autowerk Adjustable Sway bar endlinks installed: 67,919
    KW V2 coilovers installed: 60,000
    Evolution Racewerks FMIC installed: 62,269
    Evolution Racewerks Charge pipe installed: 62,269
    VRSF Catless downpipes installed: 50,326
    AD Engineering low temp oil thermostat installed: 69,500.
    Vanguard V2 Catback exhaust: 70,000
    AP Racing J Hook front/rear rotors: 70,000

    Need to be done:
    Water pump/thermostat
    Needs transmission flush/ new fluid pan/filter.
    Power steering fluid flush.
    Differential flush/new fluid/
    Check valve cover for leak.
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  3. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Wow very nice!! Very similar to my maintenance too!

    Im going to look into the diff oil change, i heard its not super important but mine is the original fluid i think...
  4. Mileage: 49,258
    Year/Model: 2008 335I N54
    Bought with XX Miles: 44,000 April 2015


    6 new injectors (index 12)
    New coils
    NGK Plugs
    Water pump/Tstat
    All coolant hoses
    Valve cover gasket
    New Cam Ledgers
    New head gasket
    Plugged head for external PCV
    RB External PCV
    Walnut blast
    New oil filter housing/Oil cooler gasket
    6AT transmission flush with new filter/Pan
    New Diff with new fluid
    New Diff bushings
    Power steering fluid flush
    New brake fluid with Braided lines
    New Hawk HPS pads
    New M3 front control arms
    HPFP replaced at 45,000
    Stage 2 LPFP

    Future Maintenance:
    Subframe bushings
    Serpentine belts/pulleys/Tensioner
    Vanos solenoids (or at least have them handy)
    Sway bars and bushings
    Spare sets of tires...lol

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  5. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    LOL amen to the spare set of tires. AND SWEET MOTHER OF GOD YOU HAVE ALOT OF CREDITS!! Haha.

    So far nothing is sticking out aside from the usual items. Cam Ledges make my heart sink though!!
  6. I also plan to keep this car for a while. I paid 17.5k cash and I have almost put that much in it since. I will never get my money back but I have enjoyed the build. Cant wait to finish so I can enjoy the ridiculous investment.

    Got to Refer new members and know when to quit with Rock paper scissors. I just played for like 15 mins and won 400 credits...lol