FS N54 (not you Z4...) downpipes $200+ shipping

So let me tell you the story behind these. Chinese SS pipes that were sold as fitting my Z4 - but...not really, as the flanges on the z4 are rotated 90 degrees from the rest of the n54 family. So they get here, and I do a really good job with the ceramic black paint, heat treating them in my grill exactly like they are supposed to be. Then I take it over to my shop...

My shop decided not to check the orientation out before they put them on. So, I ended up buying the right ones from VRSF. So these were used for ~5 minutes to back my car off the lift, and then a few days later to pull it on. I've got a bolt and gasket set as well for them. These look exactly alike...

Anyway - $200+ shipping....

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