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N54 Sheet Metal Engine Cover


N54 Sheet Metal Engine Cover
  1. Tallgeese179 submitted a new document:

    N54 Sheet Metal Engine Cover - Community designed N54 sheet metal engine cover

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  2. The one design currently available is: n54 engine cover.jpg

    One design alternative could be to use cut hexagons instead of louvers, something like this pattern: hexagon.png

    These are just some ideas to get the ball rolling on. I just always though of hexagons as the default for futuristic design so I'm a bit biased towards them.
  3. Let me know when you want to do this and how much. Pm me prices and details.
  4. I'll probably get started on it sometime in the next 2 weeks. My time is being sucked up designing an HVAC system for my house, but I should have time after I get the floor plans finished and out. As for the cost, I'll likely just toss the CAD model up on MFG.com and see what types of quotes come in. The whole point of this is to make the model freely available to anyone. I'm not much for business so I don't plan on reselling these for a profit or anything like that. I'll put up copies of the quotes I receive and provide info on how to go about ordering it direct from a manufacturer.

    Initially I will just put the cad model up and order a prototype for myself to check fit/function. After we can organize group buys from a qualified manufacturer to cut cost down. We would just need an MFG that is okay with shipping to different addresses.

    Let me know if you have any ideas or preferences for the functionality or aesthetics though.
  5. I like the vents that are in the design that you have, I do like the idea of it completely covering the valve cover so that it can keep things from falling into the injector/coil area. I think leaving the metal raw and let the consumer powdercoat whatever color they may want would make production the easiest. The side on the passenger will have to be cut pretty close for us single turbo guys.
  6. I'm highly interested in one, would help with the top mount single turbo kits
  7. I agree, the louvers definitely have the advantage of providing airflow while still blocking things from falling in on the top.

    Very good point, I see the single turbo guys always covering the front left corner with tons of reflective tape. The nice thing about switching to sheet metal will be the reduction in thickness. It will also be able to provide better protection to the plastic valve covers. I just have stock turbos so I won't be able to do fit testing, but I'll just make sure it's as at least as close to the valve cover as the plastic one is.
  8. Awesome sir, well when you are ready to produce and need to test fit for single turbo let me know. I have a pretty large turbo so if it fits with mine then it will fit anyone's lol .

  9. What would you Utilize for mounting points? Obviously the top engine cover mounts? I have my side wiring loom box removed obviously since the top mount doesn't give space for it.

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  10. Also I am the owner of kraken :)

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  11. You are running a bottom mount 6466 right? Your car is a beast!
  12. Top mount 6466 now and I also have a 1 series with a built auto

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  13. Awesome, well don't want to hijack the OPs thread. I would love to hear about both of your builds. Maybe post a build thread in the N54 group. Looks like you have a lot of experience with this platform.
  14. Wow, you ST guys are really running tight tolerances.

    I plan on using the stock mounting locations (4 screws). My initial thought is to use male/female threaded standoffs in the rear left position, due to the recessed mounting holes (see below). That way the sheet metal stays relatively flat and just has slots to put a screw through into the standoff and stock mounting tabs. The slots would likely be left to right, that way you ST guys can shift the whole cover over away from turbo housing.

    If my job has taught me anything about sheet metal: slots>holes

  15. Well I'm ready for you to make em, happy to help fitment and get this product rolling
  16. It's great to see the enthusiasm. Honesty makes me more hyped to start prototyping. I'll be able to start next weekend at the earliest. I'll post updates when design starts.

    For ST clearances, I'll probably need some more pictures. Ideally something like a head on pic and maybe at an angle from above to show the closest point between the housing and VC. Just hold a metric ruler in the pictures and use a decent camera.
  17. Twisted Tuning

    Twisted Tuning Lieutenant Vendor

    Great thread. I been meaning to make one of these for a while now. Looking forward to what you come up with.

    Hex vents over louvers, definitely.
  18. Aje is throwing a VM mount 6466 in my 135 in a few weeks and this would be great to throw on. Reduce heat on everything there and keep it looking classy. I'm in if the price is right.
  19. Keep in mind, that unless you insulate the underside of the cover, you're going to melt a lot of shit. Plastic gets used on intake manifolds and engine covers for a reason.
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
    What kind of material would you suggest knowing the outer material?