N55 mileage alert

Discussion in 'N55' started by 335iHaroon, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. 2012 135i M Sport DCT FBO PS1 e35 Wedge 52k miles.
  2. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    Lol jeez, some of you have almost as much miles as my 2008 135 that hit 90k the other day. What's the highest n55 out there?
  3. 2011 e90 335i 72k
  4. Jsherry20

    Jsherry20 Sergeant

    Girlfriends 2011 n55 at 56K
  5. Bnks334

    Bnks334 Specialist

    2011 n55 with 98k miles and waiting for some kind of catastrophic failure lol

    Custom e30 tune by Twisted tuning. The car has been beaten on for most of it's life. It's seen a few hpde events and I take 5-10 4th gear pulls daily.

    Common failure items I've replaced so far:

    Oil gaskets
    Serpentine belt
    Water pump
    Coolant expansion tank
    Oil cap
    Frozen tie rod
    Power steering rack (inner seal had been leaking since 60k)
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  6. Domsquad

    Domsquad New Member

    2012 BMW 335i (E92/N55)
    2012 E92 335i, 42k miles
  7. mangospringroll

    mangospringroll Lurker

    2011 BMW 335i coup
    2011 e92 335i, 88k, I bought the car at 86k a few months back. Everything is clean, no oil seepage anywhere. I don't drive much during the week due to close distance work, and roughly 50-100 miles every weekend average. Currently tuned MHD stage 2 and xHP Flashtool stage 3 for trans.

    So far I did serpentine belt and pulleys, also spark plugs and coil packs (before tune). No misfire but was sort of rough idle at cold start before spark plugs and coil packs. Next up: Cleaning the vanos solenoids and transmission service DIY.
  8. Zebaztian7

    Zebaztian7 Lurker

    West Texas
    2011 E92 335i xDrive
    2011 335i xDrive @ 86k miles now, so far only the water pump has failed, as well recently replaced Oil filter housing gasket and all other maintenance has been done as needed.
  9. shawnj

    shawnj New Member

    11 135i
    2011 135i 125k
    waterpump and thermostat replaced twice since I got it 2 years ago.
    Valve Cover Gasket
    OFHG and OCG
    Starter just went last week
  10. JCEwing23

    JCEwing23 New Member

    IMG_0854.JPG 2012 F30 N55 with 72k...only 4-5k oil changes and colder spark plugs...I do run ISO jb4 at 21# with a Active Auto fmic, Bms intake, Bms oil cooler, Custom dp, Custom 3.5" exhaust, H&R 28878s w/ Dinan shockwave revision. She's a beast!
  11. mangospringroll

    mangospringroll Lurker

    2011 BMW 335i coup
    Adding the pic...recently swapped the M Sport front and rear bumpers aka Chinese fitment. Front bumper was PITA. Came out ok, can't complain (too much). Fairly happy with the outcome.

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  12. Exxrated

    Exxrated Lurker

    E92 335i
    2011 E92 N55 here, just hit 70K and still going strong! Time for a walnut blast soon.
  13. VACust

    VACust Private

    2012 E92, 6AT, E40 and Meth since 45K, at 65,750 now.
  14. keyap

    keyap New Member

    N55 135i
    2011 135i with 29K.

    8K stock
    6K running JB4 & ~E40 (no other mods)
    15K with mods as per signature with ~E50 (roughly 10K on map 7 and 4K on map 6 at 25psi)

    Car has needed nothing doing to it bar usual services, safety recalls and new tyres :smile:
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