Nelson Racing Wheel Paddle Shifter Development

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  1. doublespaces

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    2009 E93 335i
    Time for a name change to Jobs
  2. Gapcity

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    E90 N54
    Can't wait
  3. Derek.Hohn

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    2009 335i M Sport
    any update ?
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    2009 E93 335i
  5. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    Hey Guys!

    Sorry for the lack of response on this thread, i started a master thread that i have been updating as i have the time but did want to circle back here. Here are some near final images of the NRW Paddle Kits that as we all know will completely remove the OEM "Thumb Paddles" and we will now include a BimmerLife DIY on how to make the system a Pull/Pull setup by moving some very simple harness cables around - its totally reversible too with zero cutting needed :)

    But onto the good stuff. After roughly 19 variants of design and 6 months of back and forth between my team and I, we finally have something I would put into circulation for NRW. Its a simple thing we have done here but the complex geometric guts of the paddles and even worse tolerances for support points AND the incredibly limited space we have to work with was very difficult.

    BUT! We now have something that is 95% perfect with one adjustment to the striking lever being made today and tested again this week on our test car(s). Here are some pics and feedback!

    Also the options are as follows:
    - 3 style at launch (blade, shorty, wing styles)

    - 1 style (blade) will be offered with Twill or Hex Fiber (real fiber no vinyl at NRW ever) This style will also allow for options in Alcantara, Leather, or Perf Leather too. Or you can do a Twill front and an Alcantara back (like our wheels offer) to make it a perfectly matched paddle to your interior. We even have matching colors available for your interiors.

    - Prices will start at $89.99 for the naked or base models and added costs for Alcantara or Twill Fiber options.
    This price will include a set of paddles (pick your style) and also include the needed internals to make this a 15 minute DIY process. Plus the DIY by BimmerLife to illustrate the Pull/Pull wire up that is super simple. Talk about crazy good deals!

    - And for a fee we can design a ground up paddle kit for your company. We are working with a very prominent transmission tuner now to build them a custom paddle that is branded. I wont say names but... LOL.

    Capture+_2017-10-11-11-37-41.png 20171010_172728.jpg 20171010_172735.jpg 20171010_221807~2.jpg 20171010_221926~2.jpg 20171010_225158~2.jpg Capture+_2017-10-11-12-03-56.png

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