B58 New Pure Stage 2 B58 RESULTS! 603whp on 93oct PUMP GAS ONLY!

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Feb 16, 2018
Oceanside, CA
Early testing of our new B58 Stage 2 turbo has yielded some awesome results!
586whp, 93oct pump gas only and spools at 3,200prm's!
They ran out of fuel on the next run but it should easily eclipse 600whp on pump gas only!

603whp b58 pump gas dyno.png

B58 PS2 Plus 586whp Pump Gas.jpeg
Peter M140 B59 STG2 Plus.jpeg

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Jan 24, 2018
Most amazing thing us this actually now makes the b58 a most likely more reliable upgrade path as the n63 with similar potential.
What's actually amazing is the ability of the chassis to put the power down. Small car and proves it doesn't have to be a land yacht to cut times.

B58 is what the N55 should have been.

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