New to Market! 3.5" exhaust for 335 by Black Market Racing

Discussion in '3-Series' started by BlackMarketRacing, Mar 16, 2017.

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  1. 335i_nick

    335i_nick Private

    Does the center-to-rear brace still fit on the car? That's a pretty structural piece. Please let us know.

    It's the brace with the 8 e-torx bolts that go into the center of the floor board

    Also what's the new price going to be? andddd when can we buy it :)

    I'm sorry for all the posts also.

    This car has an M3 subframe. It's not the same as the 335i subframe. Was this exhaust produced using this car for original fitment? It might not fit
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  2. flexbrah

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    to make it fit the xdrive, would i be able to modify the front end of the exhaust to fit around the transfer case?
  3. BlackMarketRacing

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    All the rides
    We will be including a spacer kit to reinstall the brace under the car just like we do with the 135s.

    The exhaust was fit to cars with both subframes and differential units without issue. We confirmed the only difference between the models is the tip length which you will choose at the time of ordering.

    I will be starting a new thread for this exhaust with the pricing information and to get the order process started.

    Not sure, we have not had an x-drive in the shop to see the difference.
  4. 335i_nick

    335i_nick Private

  5. Awesome, when do you think the pricing will be up?

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