New vendor introduction. Wavetrac, Powerflex, Aquamist, and custom fabrication/machining

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    Hello folks! My name is Matt Whitbread and I own Whitbread Performance Innovations, LLC. The website is a little rough at the exact second so please don't mind the dust while under construction. I've been in business for over 8 years now and specialize in european automotive performance parts and custom fabrication/machine work. I have a few friends on the board here and it was suggested that I become a vendor and advertise here. I'm a Wavetrac dealer and as I'm a full machine shop, I do all installs in house in 3-5 business days for both welded and non welded bmw applications for extremely competitive prices. I'm also a dealer for Powerflex if anyone wants to change some bushings out while doing a diff install. Various BMW bushing sets will be added to the website over time. Coupon codes on the website are WPI11 and HFS4. Please contact me for any pricing inquiries that aren't covered on the website at [email protected]. Thank you folks and I look forward to helping out anyone I can!
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    The turn around time was really the only problem with the Wavetrac, glad to see someone has stepped up to the plate with a reasonable solution!
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    Thanks! I couldn't agree more and that's what prompted me to do installs in house. I had 3 done by Autotech early this spring and they all took weeks longer than estimated and I had unhappy customers. I already had the mill and lathe, so I bought the tooling to deal with cutting/drilling/tapping the hardened steel ring gears. I've already done 12 since the end of may and 2 more on the way this week!