No Cruise Control after N54 swap in e87 130i


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Jan 6, 2020

i swapped a N54 in my 2006 e87 130i. The donor car was a 11/2008 335i with dct.
I also got a manual N54 transmission. Driveshaft is shortened for my 3.46 LSD.

My e87 got some mods alredy before the swap, st suspension, 6 piston brakes with bigger discs from an e46 m3 csl, lsd, etc..
I visited some trackdays and drift events each year with it, the N54 swap was the (maybe) last piece to create my perfect ride for nice days.

So long story short: Engine runs very strong and nice, got new rod bearings, injectors, turbos, hpfp, coils, plugs, valve cover+gasket, 7,5" intercooler, ar-design downpipes and much more. I am currently running mhd v8.1 stage 2+ and i absolutely love this engine!!
I needed to rebuild some parts of the engine wiring loom, because the loom changed in 03/2007 and especially in 09/2007 => my car is 2006 and the donor-n54 is 2008.
I also needed to swap the CAS2 from my car for the CAS3 from the donor car. Therefore i needed to flash a certain ZB number on the CAS3 in winkfp expert mode, to get my ELV to work.
After hours of flashing other things and coding everything, there are just 2 problems left, i cant get sorted.
1) my cruise control is not working anymore
2) i cant reset my cbs, after each reset it still shows ----- km left

I think the problem relates to my DSC (ZB number 6775387).. i tried alredy the following things:
1) flashing zb number 6775389 on the DSC
2) resetting cbs in ista does not work
3) resetting cbs in the car (kombi) does not work
4) flashed the newest ZUSB update on my KOMBI
5) there is a brake pad wear, plausibility error for the front axle stored in the DSC. When trying to walk through that error with ista, it stops with the following message: "DSC control unit software corresponds to integration level 09/2008 or higher. Reprogramming will not rectify the problem. The hardware version corresponds to the version before 09/2007." There is no error regarding cruise control stored.
6) DSC and ABS are working fine
7) Everything is coded to the FA from my 130i and every VIN is changed to the VIN of my 130i (newest UIF at least)

Maybe someone of you is able to help me out?

Thanks in advance and greetings from austria :)


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Jan 6, 2020
Thanks for the reply! clutch switch should be wired in properly. car only starts, while the clutch is pressed, without the clutch there is only ignition on.
But i will check the digital blocks in inpa, if it properly triggers đź‘Ť


Nov 18, 2017
Down under
I thought the first of the DCT cars came out in 09... learn something new every day.
I know that certain SZLs (steering angle sensors ) are wired differently. For example those with heated wheels, active cruise and M sport variants. Perhaps that has something to do with it ?
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Jan 6, 2020
Inpa is recognizing a push/pull on the cruise control lever as cruise control UP/DOWN, so i think that the SZL is wired properly. SZL stayed the same (from the 130i), i only changed DME+CAS and the key.
Clutch triggers properly in Inpa too.

The cruise control is, from what i can see, wired the same way in both cars. Back right wheel rotational speed goes to PIN 8 on the DSC and PIN 17 on the DME (X60001 connector). Communication is controlled through the powertrain can.

The donor car had cruise control with brake function (S544), my car only has/had normal cruise control (S540). I coded the S544 out and the S540 in.
The donor had a newer DSC unit, because till 09/2006 it was necessary to have another control module (LDM) for cruise control with brake function. From 09/2006 this was integrated in the DSC. At least, thats what TIS says.
Maybe thats the problem?

The CBS (condition based service) is also controlled through the DSC.
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Apr 8, 2019
Sounds like you have tried some logical ways to correct the issue.
Is there any error codes in ista d for the cruise control?
If not maybe use ncs expert and ncs dummy. There maybe a cruise control item you may be able to change the WERT option. Eg from 02 to 01 or something.

I had to do such a thing withy sport mode due to not having paddles in the car I swapped my N54 into.
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Jan 6, 2020
No, there are sadly no errors regarding the cruise control..
I default coded almost every module in NCS after changing the FA and everything is working really fine, except for the cruise control and resetting the condition based service.

@digitalashley with changing the FA Code (your optional equipment) and defaultcoding the modules afterwards, you dont need to change single items or WERT options, NCS is doing that for you.

Maybe whats worth noting is, that i got a manipulation point in the KOMBI. The kombi is also showing the kilometers of the 335i and not the odometer of my 130i. 335i got 150k km and my 130i was sitting at 190k km. I got no problem with the point, i also dont think, that im going to sell the car at any time. But maybe that corresponds with the CBS reset problem?
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