OBD Unlock [No bench unlock Required] *** bootmod3 New Feature Release for the S55

Discussion in 'S55, S58' started by PTF, Feb 13, 2018 at 6:02 AM.

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    Hey everyone, happy to announce general availability of the bootmod3 OBD unlock feature :sunglasses: It is now available to anyone with an S55 without restrictions.

    Details on OBD unlock as well as the recently released offline flasher can be found in our earlier thread here.


    OBD unlock compared to pulling the DME for a bench unlock does not impose any limitations tuning wise (e.g. when it comes to making power). It is simply an alternate and more convenient option to unlocking your DME for programming through the OBD port.

    Our testing concluded last night with a track going S55 at EAS. Their customer's ZCP M4 is running with a custom full E85 tune done by Cary Jordan (CaryTheLabelGuy) :smilingimp:


    There is no additional cost involved in getting this done. All that is required is a generic BMW ENET cable which you can get on Amazon for ~$20 and a bootmod3 software license you can purchase through any of our authorized dealers.

    Let us know if any questions at all!
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    Great work!
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