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    Cleaning out garage and came across stock parts I pulled off my 08 E90 N54. All parts were taken off around 70k milage.

    Factory Intake with new filter, asking $75

    I also have the factory downpipes, cats still good and do not throw any codes, asking $125.

    I also have the factory diverter valves, asking $75

    Willing to ship at buyers expense.

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    2009 E93 335i
    You should really post this for sale as one item, and list the other items you've got available. And if someone wants the other items, you can make a new thread and they can pay for it. This way the paypal buy now feature actually works.
  3. mxfreestyle

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    Downpipes sold, still have the intake box and diverter valves still available!
  4. mxfreestyle

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    Make me an offer!! Need these gone!